Marhaba al-ʿālam

Good day crowd of Omani groupies,

Welcome to my first attempt to start a blog and fill it with my life as a coach of U20-Oman. Feel free to comment or add suggestions for new content

After a storming start in group 13 where we were able to upset the 3 top favourites in our group we are reaching the finish line of qualification fast. Just 3 more matches and we know if we have written history. At this moment it looks like Romania will be heading to Poland having created a small gap with the rest of our group. Although nothing is 100% certain in our group this season I cant see them give away the lead. But than we have the last ticket. Who will snatch it for the eyes of the other luring managers. Will it be Venezuela? The Algerian boys? The team of Switzerland or can the Khanjar warriors pull off an amazing stunt and qualify for the first time ever? The margin is just 1 point and even the Macedonian aren’t out of the race just yet.

This Friday will hold a nice set of matches as the Macedonian will fight for their last chance against Romania. The boys from Venezuela and Algeria have a joust in a stadium smelling like Salami (what is up with that?) and we have travelled to Zurich and will face the Swiss. For the neutral spectator a nice set of matches, for us coaches some nerve wrecking moments filled with scrolling through these matches to find out what the competitors are doing.

In the end it is still just a game but I have made sure I had my prescription of beta blockers for that night so I can survive it at all.

khodi balek

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