End of season.

Under 20 campaign is over and for Pakistan started the friendlies’ season to prepare our future stars to the next qualification campaign of season 47.

During this season there will be the Asian Cup and then a home-tour in Pakistan, where the U20 will accept the invites of the local teams and will go to visit their stadiums. Everyone is interested to host an U20 match of Pakistan, post his request here: 14847652.324

Last week was even annunced the results of the hosting competition: Pakistan bids arrived 5th on 11. Wonderful result for our community that can take  the TOP5 as incentive to prepare, in this 8 months, a new bids for the next competition. For now, congratulations to who has partecipated in this project, thanks to who has voted for Pakistan and, of course, congratulations to Trinidad & Tobago and Panama to have won the right to host the next NT and U20 World Cup.

The dream continue…

Pakistan Zindabad!!

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