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End of season.

Under 20 campaign is over and for Pakistan started the friendlies’ season to prepare our future stars to the next qualification campaign of season 47.

During this season there will be the Asian Cup and then a home-tour in Pakistan, where the U20 will accept the invites of the local teams and will go to visit their stadiums. Everyone is interested to host an U20 match of Pakistan, post his request here: 14847652.324

Last week was even annunced the results of the hosting competition: Pakistan bids arrived 5th on 11. Wonderful result for our community that can take  the TOP5 as incentive to prepare, in this 8 months, a new bids for the next competition. For now, congratulations to who has partecipated in this project, thanks to who has voted for Pakistan and, of course, congratulations to Trinidad & Tobago and Panama to have won the right to host the next NT and U20 World Cup.

The dream continue…

Pakistan Zindabad!!


Pakistan in TOP 5!!!!

Amazing achievement for Hattrick Pakistan and his community: we are glad and honorated to annouce that our bid to host the XVII° Hattrick World Cup passed the first selection and joined in the top 5!!

Now is time for the Hattrick community to decide their favorite proposal: click in this link (http://www.hattrick.org/World/WorldCup/Hosting.aspx) and vote for PAKISTAN!!

Visit even our conference and the official thread 15059134.1 and feel free to post your impression and your opinions…

…or check our facebook page and support us becoming fan: (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hattrick-Pakistan/144973212235825)

Pakistan community is thankfull to the HTs to be selected for the top 5, to everyone will vote and appreciate our efforts and our works and even to who has dedicated 5 minutes to watch our video and read about us!!

Join Pakistan, Live this dream,

Pakistan Zindabad!!


Live this dream!!

Great day for Hattrick Pakistan.

In the hattrick-evening, thanks to a goal in the last minutes, Pakistan U20 won 1-0 against the stronger Ireland and reached the 4th position in his group, with 19 points done!! A really closed match where Pakistan took the possession and attacked all the match while the Ireland has waited in the defense to counter attack. In the 2nd time the changes helped Pakistan to attack stronger and at the 86° is arrived the match goal of Firdos Baig, in the left side. Well played!!

Firdos Baig


Then, few minutes before that the deadline to send the bid expired and after a caotic day to finish the video, was sent the official candidature to host the XVII° Hattrick World Cup and we are happy and proud to annunce that Pakistan will run to host the competition.

Live this dream

Our community will reserve to all the hattrick users a warm welcome and we will enjoy all together the matches and the deveolpment of the competition. Your National Teams will feel confortble in our hotels and in our stadiums and your dreams to win the World Cup will run toghether with ours: to have the honour to host in Pakistan the competition.

Join Pakistan, Live this dream,
Pakistan Zindabad!!

Watch the official video of the candidature:


Pakistan Zindabad!!

Pakistan U20 TeamJust created the blog… work in progess!!