Green Hope Project (GHP) – the beginning

After being given a vote in the first campaign I ran in Saudi Arabia (June-July 2010, NT elections), I felt like getting some enthusiasm to stay helping in Saudi Arabia for the following seasons. That’s what I did and after U-20 elections I offered myself to be the next U-20 goalkeepers’ scout, having also written an article to help new Saudi users to the game at that time. My work as U-20 goalkeepers’ scout started to be recognized and later I became U-20 chiefscout, having some weeks later presented candidature to the NT one more time and lost again. My dream was to be your national coach and I knew I could be the right person to assume that responsibility, so I didn’t give up and decided to direct my attentions to the little boys I was scouting. A huge part of my time was spent on searching new young players at the market and finding reliable teams for them, in order to make them receive the best training possible, and contacting users that weren’t training well other interesting players that had already left academy. This way they could be at a good level when their time to play for U-20 came and to help me in this hard job, I invited some friends experienced in scouting, I created a federation to organize all information each one got and we ended up being able to build a good generation of young players, leading to the birth of Green Hope Project (GHP).

The GHP has as main objective to build the strongest U-20 Saudi squad ever, in order to try to qualify to the World Cup or at least attain the best record ever next season and make history in the country. To do that and noticing that the previous generation had less potential, I decided to run for the U-20 national coach position and start since early to give XP to this talented generation in order to strengthen it even more and that’s what the WCQ that just ended was about. I’m aware that, whatever happens in the future campaign, this was the best decision someone could ever take and our expectations are high, since this seemed to be the only way Saudi Arabia can eventually manage to qualify. Hopefully will!


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