Welcome to Wasu Begas

Rather awkwardly, despite manager paquebot spending the past week lamenting his side’s chances of surviving the season in II.4, AS Uijeongbu 07 maintained third place in the league following a 0-2 victory against Dutch.Kangwon. That result leaves the team just two points off top spot, though it is also only two points away from the first relegation play-off position.

Two chances and two goals – from Julius Pagal and Hasan Muhammed – in the opening fourteen minutes saw Au7 get off to a quick start, though new coach Sun-Taek Han was then forced to watch as Dutch.Kangwon replied with seven chances of their own. Fortunately for the away team none of them resulted in a goal, nor did the injury to Hasan Muhammed in the 66th minute keep him from finishing the match.

AS Uijeongbu 07 had one more chance to add to their tally in the second half when a counter-attack presented Anton Mochalov with a look at goal. The Russian defender, however, showed everyone his wretched abilities with a strike that flew over the crossbar and on its way to Krasnoyarsk.

And thus finished the match in Wasu Begas. Hooray.

Next up is an away trip to face Endless FC on Sunday. The team boasts two national team forwards and will more than likely grab all three points. The main priority then will be to avoid giving up too many goals in order to preserve team confidence going into the next stage of the season. If things go as planned the team won’t concede too many, but we’ll see how things turn out. There’s still a long way to go until the end of the season.

About paquebot

Originally from the United States and now living in South Korea, paquebot has been playing Hattrick from the midpoint of Season 41. Since starting Hattrick he has won both the K-League title and the Korea Cup ... though probably because nobody else was trying very hard.