Anyone familiar with Spider-man has heard the expression ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Scores of middle school boys understand the idea, so why can’t the management of Au7 grasp such a simple concept?

Hong Tae-seok fumed as he continued scrubbing the tiles on the floor in front of him. A sneer crossed his face as he dunked his cleaning cloth into a bucket of soap and water then pulled it out again before resuming his task.

I know how to do my job, but they obviously don’t know how to do theirs. Last season the club won the K-League, won the Korea Cup, and reached Round 5 of the Hattrick Masters. This season they were dumped out of the Hattrick Masters in Round 1, dumped out of the Korea Cup in Round 7, and are struggling in the league. It’s clear the club earned a lot of money last season, but they sure aren’t reinvesting it into becoming any better. I bet the manager kept most of it for himself; wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Wasn’t there a news article a few days ago that estimated the club had close to 10 million Euros set aside? Obviously set aside for something other than the actual club.

Tae-seok once more dunked his cloth into the soapy water, listening as dirty water cascaded down into the bucket following a quick wring of the fabric. He could hear yelling coming from somewhere outside, though it wasn’t enough to distract him from his thoughts.

It’s unbelievable that the club would lose 4-1 against Songbuk Cylons. How could the manager allow a result like that? Pure negligence, that’s how. I can keep a floor clean but they can’t keep a clean sheet when it really matters. I’ve had enough of this. I’ll support a real club like Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno or Rochdale United. A club with class, with resolve, and with a desire to win.

With his mind made up Tae-seok went back to scrubbing vigorously, a smile spreading across his face. And on Monday, despite a 2-0 win over Endless FC the previous day, manager paquebot received the following message as part of his daily update regarding the side:

1 fan left the club.

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Originally from the United States and now living in South Korea, paquebot has been playing Hattrick from the midpoint of Season 41. Since starting Hattrick he has won both the K-League title and the Korea Cup ... though probably because nobody else was trying very hard.