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French Class

Between experienced managers, highly-skilled players, and demanding fans there’s not much room for mistakes at the top of the footballing pyramid. AS Uijeongbu 07 may have been knocked out of the Korea Cup on Wednesday but there was no time to wallow in disappointment — the club is still fighting for the K-League title and also received notice this afternoon that Scottish side Kinclaven have decided to take advantage of the club’s weakened state to challenge Au7 for first place in the HTUM federation ladder.

With the ladder match on Friday and a K-League fixture against the league leaders on Sunday, staff at AS Uijeongbu recognized the need to act quickly to secure the services of a replacement keeper able to cover for the injured Eran Maman. Club manager paquebot spent most of the evening following his side’s cup defeat going through the transfer list and eventually picked out seven names as potential targets.

AS Uijeongbu 07 met some resistance from an unlikely source, however, when a quick bid on French stopper Nicholas Bigot put Au7 in an unexpected battle with Danish side Vi flæsker jer for the 27 year old’s signature. A third manager later joined the fray and Vi flæsker jer dropped out before the bidding ended, leaving Au7 as the side that finally got the young talent to put pen to paper.

The club has high hopes for Bigot and his first appearance for Uijeongbu is expected to be in the ladder match against Kinclaven. Can the Frenchman lead his new team to victory, perhaps with a bit of added panache as well? Find out Friday at 12:46.

Nicolas Bigot and his Citroën DS


Geun-Sik Kim

HTUA X Youth Player Award Winner. It’s not a bad title. It’s also a lucrative one, with Geun-Sik Kim a day away from his transfer deadline but already commanding a transfer fee close to 3.5 million Euros. The 17 year old seems rather nonchalant about the figures being offered for his services and had this to say about his impending transfer:

Doesn’t really matter where I end up in two days. Israel, England, Siberia, Patagonia. I’m worth every cent and will no doubt be the best player on any team I join. I’m going to be bigger than Bob Marley — mark my words. People will forget names like Gu Xianjing, Paulo Baggio, and Fernão Torres but they won’t forget mine. Ever. And just like The Jackson 5, when you turn on your television … I’ll Be There.

A strong statement, but only time will tell if there’s any truth to his words. Plenty of youth talents have found senior football a much different beast than their experiences at the junior level and it breaks a good number of them. Will Geun-Sik prevail, or be another forgotten memory on the list of “what could have been”?


林: Week 1

AS Uijeongbu 07 kicked off their league campaign with a 5-2 victory over rivals Ansan FC on Sunday afternoon, giving the club a win in their first match under the direction of Coach Lim. Emotions ran high on the pitch throughout the match and three players had to be substituted due to aggressiveness-related injuries — including Kiên Thắng Trường of Au7. Despite losing Kien in the first half the fans left Waegari Park in a jubilant mood following a comprehensive victory against one of the stronger teams in the series.

Additionally, remaining true to his word, reports indicate that Coach Lim put long-serving players Fazil Feridov and Anton ‘Kosmonaut’ Grigorenko on the transfer list earlier this week, with the Azerbaijani keeper already attracting interest from a Romanian club.


Fazil & Vachir

Fazil Fəridov has been the first-choice keeper at AS Uijeongbu 07 for more than 7 seasons, but a combination stamina and skill drop several weeks ago has generated concern among the coaching staff. The club decided to take its time to find a replacement and duly started searching the transfer list for suitable players in Week 7. Several candidates were found that fit within manager paquebot’s ‘Vision Asia’ project; unfortunately, the asking price for each player was always more than the club was willing to pay. However, after some negations with Romanian side Steaua FK, Temuder Vachir of Mongolia joined Au7 for 46억 Won. (Vachir was transfer listed three times – getting cheaper with each listing – before Au7 acquired the player.)


Vachir saw action immediately, starting in the Hattrick Asia Champions Cup quarter-final match against milano_bokas on the same day that he arrived at the club. The 27 year old was beaten twice in a match that finished 7-2 but did receive 9 stars despite his non-existent loyalty. Vachir is expected to feature in Au7’s Golden League clash against Pig Hunters, sharing the position with youth academy graduate Hak-Jong Jang.

The team boarded a flight to Victoria earlier this evening, with the players warned about the dangers of snakes, spiders, stonefish, stingrays, sharks, centipedes, saltwater crocodiles, jellyfish, octopuses, platypuses, drop bears, dingos, dildos, and excessive Nutella consumption. After hearing all that the players might decide to hole up in their hotel when not at the Satellite 15 stadium!

Baby Cthulhu?

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Baek. 白

Baek. 白. The Chinese character for his name means ‘white’.

With the white tiger used as a national symbol of Korea in international events there may be high expectations placed on the 26 year old but manager paquebot is confident that winger Hyun-Seok Baek can deliver.

Defending 12 Playmaking 12 Winger 14 Passing 9. With the club focusing on playmaking and short passing training for the next few seasons Baek is only going to get better. Add in a head specialty and Korean language fluency and you can see why we would be interested in bringing Baek to AS Uijeongbu 07. He’s a player we believe can have a positive influence on the team and gives us the extra edge we need in order to compete across multiple competitions.

Granted, his arrival in Uijeongbu resulted in a minor drop in team spirit, but that’s probably not a surprise when the club jumped to five wingers to fill just four slots. Someone was obviously going to lose out and there was plenty of concern among the players concerning the issue. At the end of the day it was decided that Kubilai Chagan and Anton Grigorenko were less likely to feature in the future plans of Au7 and were thus placed on the transfer list.

Representatives from FC Tranquebar were quick to approach Au7 about the possibility of bringing Chagan to Tharangambadi and reports make it seem likely the Mongolian winger will soon be plying his trade in India. While this will obviously be a step down for Chagan it is believed that he will be given a central role at FCT.

Grigorenko, meanwhile, has not yet attracted any attention from potential buyers and there is some worry that he will not sell despite a price well below the average for a player of his skills. Failing to secure a move come the transfer deadline could undermine Anton’s confidence and cause him to drop in form once more — a situation which has frozen him out of the main team since Week 13 of last season. Interested parties are highly encouraged to submit inquiries to the AS Uijeongbu 07 front office.