Have we managed to avoid relegation?

Connected to my previous post – we had a serious away matches problem. 5 games, 0 points, 2 meager goals scored.  Pathetic. You can’t hope for a decent placing with being a donor like that.

This week we had a relegation derby vs. last placed team FC Zalog. And we needed a result. At least a point. I would sign it straightaway. It would mean that we would keep them on a two point distance and with results going our way it might just be enough. But how dou you hope for a point when all you showings so far were appaling?

The proper answer is – take inspiration in EURO 2004. We all know now that Greeks played with reinforced concrete defence (if concrete would be of such strength no bridges would ever collapse) and squeaked out series of 1-0 wins. Which ultimately brought them the most improbable title. So I have placed a 5-3-2 formation with all possible players pulled back (only 3 CDs and keeper played normal), with pressing and PIC (morale was already at furious because of home MOTS games). Still, HO showed about 30% draw possibility and 70% narrow loss chances. Ah well. That was the best chance anyway.

First attack of the match brought us a 1-0 lead! Great! FC Zalog isn’t exactly known by their superscoring abilities, from 10 goals for on their account 3 came against us in 4th round and 3 were fired in next round at home ground. I had a reason to believe it might be a good chance to get a point, I expected them to score 1 goal tops. If our defense would only hold… (insert a few nailbiting smilies here)

And it did! We did not have any more chances and they wasted their three, so we even got a win! Crucial one, as this places us in a really great situation. As 7th team, Veliki vrh also lost it’s home game, we remained on 6th spot but with 3 points clear of the 7th place, three games remaining.

We play two of those three at home, where we won three and drew two, so I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to calculate 3 points from those, which would bring our tally to 17 points. Especially as we play against a team that has not managed a single point away from home in next round (we have to watch against “our” surprise scenario). The best part is that both teams that are chasing us play against each other in round 13.Both of them play two games out and both play a game out against top team. Veliki vrh has an extremely tough opponent at home – NK Brsnikmico – they drew 4 out of 5 and allowed only 2 goals away due to extremely closed tactics. I just don’t see any of my competition getting over 15 points which would mean even a draw from last the matches is enough for so desired 6th spot…

No wonder some fans are still dizzy from weekend’s ravagings and cedlebrations… We might just managed to avoid relegation. I would be delighted if anyone offered that at the beginning of the season.

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