Getting out of hibernation!

It is with exquisite pleasure that VFJ sees the Golden League start. The glorious matches where football is repealed into a divine instance just makes Hattrick even better and the intensity created in the tournament, are literally jumping into our blood and veins, while we sit wedged to the screen.

It is not yet forgotten how safe Mentor C – and especially the now former coach, coach Stojakovic – had proclaimed VFJ as favorites for the title and later on as a self-proclaimed winner of the prestigious Golden League tournament, long before the paint was still dry. As we all know by now things went a bit different and VFJ ended as runner-up. It was a tough pill to swallow, but that’s how it goes when you live in an escapist world and hopefully both Mentor C and VFJ had become smarter.

‘The gold is at the end of the rainbow’ and knowing that, a packed stadium the other day saw a rainbow delve behind the ‘Arch of Triumph’. Joy and laughter spread like warmth after a hot cup of tea on a winter day, among the many spectators and it got their dreams to flourish anew.
Inspired by the scenario, Mentor C took the mic at half time and expressed his immediate pleasure to the recovered delight in and around VFJ. He ended his impulsive half-time speech to the audience by saying this:

We have to finish the Cup – and don’t worry, we won’t hurry doing that – before we once again can compete in the tournament that challenges our feelings the most. Both for the good and the worse!

After that the crowd broke out in spontaneous song on the terraces…