Bacon-gate my bare a..

Accusations about a fight in the directors lounge between Mentor C and Giachello, in the midweeks GL match, are now responded by Mentor C himself in an open letter:

If you want to tell a story, then go tell a story, but if you want to reproduce what really has happened then you have to quit telling stories and stick to the truth! I did not throw a plate through the air! Everyone in that room knows it was a glass! Beside that we will keep suiting up as we please – in fact the smoking is an old tradition of ours in hattrick and in addition it was meant like a gesture towards RFC. When have bashing of smaller clubs become illegal? At the same time as it got illegal bashing bigger clubs? I don’t see RFC as Chawbacons, but I tell you what – if they want a storm coming, then it’s coming!

Support from VFJ hinterland
Several members of the VFJ bord supports Mentor C’s feeling that food is so much more than just a meal. An anonymous spokesman from VFJ says that “if people could just live out the same passion as when Mentor C eats bacon, then we would be one step closer to world peace!“. If flying cutlery brings world peace I’m on it, but honestly I’m not that sure. However I’m sure the two recalcitrant gentlemen would find their own sort of peace short on from now, as both the league game and the brand new LOL (League Of Legends) tournament are just around the corner, taken their full concern.

But as this case is a big concern in both clubs we will follow it’s development closely.