Doctrina (II)

A piece of paper…”

Professor Pawlak, who’s full name were Krzysztof Pawlak, took out his glasses, mumbled a few words and said “Young man, this is a shopping list! 2 liters of milk, 1 bread, ham, butter, detergent, fabric softener …There is probably a young man that have had a hard time coming back to his mom, telling her he lost the shopping list!..Is this what you wanted me to come here for!?” he snapped while he looked back, a little sour, at Jack.

Jack couldn’t help to smile inside as the professor seemed to think he wanted him to translate a shopping list. Jack smiled and said, “No, of cause not professor Pawlak! I don’t want you to translate a shopping list. Take a look at the paper again with this!“. Jack gave him a small microscope and the professor took it, with a rather surprised look at his face. He placed the microscope and studied the paper again.

hmm……hehemm……..oh do cholery……….aha!

The professor took a nip of his tea, but still his voice were as dry as before when he started to speak. “I’m sorry, this is of cause not just a shopping list!….. When I look in the mirror I can see my grey hair, the cane in my right hand and the wrinkles on my skin. What I do not see is that my eyes are just as old!“. He stopped for a while and took a nip of his tea again.
Now I understand why you contacted me, Jack! This is definitely a riddle – and though it’s not an ancient riddle, then it for sure has to do with the ancient times!

The professor began to read up…

The legend about Doctrina hat dolum

I can tell you the answers,
but I cannot speak,
I can make you see,
though I have no eyes
Where you find me
is a mystery.
I’m not as fast as an arrow
and when I triumph I’m not a win
but if you combine me you know where to begin”

Krzysztof Pawlak was a professor in history and myths. Jack had often met and talked with the professor about the medieval castles and histories, back in England and through their friendship he have learned that Professor Pawlak also has a great knowledge about riddles. That’s why Jack had contacted him.

So professor, before talking about the riddle it self, I would like to know how an English texted riddle have landed on a polish shopping list? Do you have any idea?

No, I’m afraid I don’t…But I do have an idea about what this riddle is about!