Before you start..

First of all, just so I don’t leave any false impressions – I’m almost a HTML/CSS noob! But somehow I’ve managed to figure out a few things about the CSS-codes for Hattrick United and beside that some nice people have handed over some CSS-codes to me. It is these codes (mine and others) that I want to handover to you, but first I want to tell you how I found out about the codes.

I’m sorry to fill you all with my bla bla, but perhaps it might just after all helps you out if you want to give CSS-coding a go your self. The way it all began was that I started to ask (a lot) in the great fed HTU Managers (HTUM), if someone could help me out with ‘this and that’. Of cause I was met with kindness, not because of me, but simply because thats how the people in the fed they are!
I also liked the way that people tried to help me out, as I was handed over info in small bites, trying to guide me the right way, though it was a bit frustrating in the beginning. Imagine sitting there, eager and full of ideas and then you had to do something your self to get there!?

I mean..WHAT!? Well, thats exactly how it must be – Arphexa , you are my kind of guy! :) The best help you can get is when people guide you instead of doing things for you, that is if you ask me of cause.

I started to Google! Loads of info were out there just to grab, but I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for…Well, I knew that I wanted to put in a banner in the top and I wanted to color the “headers” of the widgets and I wanted to….a.s.o. . but implementing all the code I found into my Hattrick United page seemed impossible! Once again I asked for help in HTUM and the user leebebs took pity on me when I wrote to him and asked if I could get the code to put a banner on my page. Bingo – the banner was on! Earlier on I had also got some code from MS-Hojris (the founder of the fed) about how to create nice and colorful tables in a post. AT that time things started to look very interesting and most importantly; I had some code to compare with and study. What you should all know is that ALL the code i got, both from leebebs and MS-Hojris, was created by Arphexa 😉

I implemented the code, but still I wanted more…I felt like something was still missing (and there still are ;)). Up until then all the code I had was code that have been (kindly) handed over to me. Then I got this “crazy” idea to look through the source code of my Hattrick United page! A lot of that text looked just like the code I saw during my Google searches.

One specific thing I was searching for, was how I recreated the “add me” star in the banner. The function shouldn’t necessarily still be in the banner, it could as well have been implemented in a widget. As I had the code ‘how to implement a banner to the page’, I started to “pick” up words form the source code and used them in that code. I found out that though it was possible to create an “add-me” function in a widget, my “skills” didn’t allow me to do so and therefore I had to go for the banner.

Then it happened again – for the second time I could say Bingo!
I managed to figure out how to change the size of the widgets text! The way I did it was that I noticed in the source code some names that where similar to some of the banner code and to some of the CSS pages I’ve been clicking through! Those words came after the text “class=xxx”. I started to search in the source code for the word “favorite” and would you believe it?…I found it and for the third time I could say.. well I’m sure get it 😉

So I guess what I wanted to tell you was that though all of this ‘HTML’ and ‘CSS’ seemed hopeless in the start, the guidance that I got pushed me in the right direction and then my curiosity and eager to learn took over and helped me out. Not because I’m someone special, but because I was guided well!