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Season 26, Series day 12: Setubal carry on winning

Vitoria Setubal continued their winning ways yesterday, beating Buskett Rangers on away ground. With this defeat, Buskett Rangers got the mathematical certainty of relegation to series IV.

Second placed Minotawri kept the pace with the capolista, and remain trailing four points behind. Their chances of finishing the season in first place are getting lower by the minute: they now need to win -and pray that Setubal lose- both remaining games if they are to win the titulo.

Black Tigers and Gonzaga Blues suffered defeat, and were thus forced to give up their aspirations for second place.

Urrutxis and Man Utd XI won their respective games, thus giving a lifeline to their survival hopes and getting away from the dreaded direct relegation zone.

Interviewed after his team’s convincing 6-1 victory, Setubal owner Harrymou said “No disrespect meant to Buskett, but we had a job to do and showed them who’s the boss.

Winning the titulo is now only a formality. Our target is to win both games and secure direct promotion. The chances of us losing two games in a row is, to put it frankly, very remote. The last time we lost two series games consecutively was against High Ridge, in January 2011, that is over six seasons ago. If I were Minotawri I wouldn’t count much on that prospect.

Next weekend we face Man Utd XI. On paper they are beatable, but I’m quite weary of them. I’m not letting their past few weeks’ performances put me under any illusions. They finished second last season and we only managed a draw against them in the first round. They are very competent, and can easily give us a hard time. One false step could cost us points, and I don’t want to leave the question of the titulo pending any longer.”


Season 26, Series day 11: Pre match press conference.

This is your first season in series III. Has reality beaten your highest hopes when you began this season?

When Setubal got promoted last season, the board of directors sat around the table and studied in detail the team. We analyzed our strengths and weaknesses; that is where other teams might have caught us unprepared. With this in mind, we bought four players, and sold another 3 or so which weren’t in our plans anymore. Without these additions, at best we might have aimed for a mid-table finish. The result is that we now have a very balanced team this season, with no evident weaknesses in my eyes.

In the first season here, and with the player additions, I was expecting to be in the top 3 region, and be a thorn on the side of the top two teams. Of course when we are first in the series, leading both in points and goal difference, and the second placed outfit being 4 points trailing… I cannot but be very satisfied with the outcome so-far.

But we must remain with our feet on the ground. It would be stupid of us to think otherwise. There are still four games to go, and it’s very easy to drop points along the way. Losing points will leave us out of the direct promotion zone; and a playoff against a series II team on away ground spells trouble.

Is your team ready to be competitive in series II? What areas should be worked on?

In series III we have faced some very competent managers, for example Minotawri who has been around for quite a while. In II there will be 7 other managers which are exactly like him, only that they will have stronger teams. The going gets very tough in II, and teams up there need to continue developing on a constant basis, otherwise you’d quickly find yourself in a lower table position.

I have a soccer philosophy in mind, and an important long term training plan. That will remain my first priority. If then a promotion comes along the way, then it would be more than welcome. But if no promotion is reached, no one will despair, either.

As things stand, I think that we probably need some additions for Setubal to aim for a safe, mid-table position in series II. But I prefer to think one step at a time. Right now we’re focused on finishing this season with our head held high, then we’ll see from there.

What do you find best: skip promotion and build up your team here in series III, with very strong opponents as Minotawri or try your luck in a II and see how that works out?

If we have a chance, I’ll aim for promotion. You never know when you’d get another chance to give promotion a shot. At that point, if we’ll be good enough to stay in II, fine. If not, I’ll get down for another stint in III.

“God comes first for Setubal fans, then there is me. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone”

Have you ever thought about achieving a hero-like status in Malta by moving from IV to I in successive seasons?

No. I have been in the premier and in series II in the past. All big teams know me, and most had the dubious honour of being defeated by yours truly – either with Setubal or with my previous team. They know my worth. I don’t care if lower category teams know about me or otherwise. For the Setubalense fans, first there is God, and then there is me. I am already a hero to them, and for me that’s more than enough. I have nothing to prove, to anyone.

In a twist of fate, you have Urrutxis in your series this season and beat his team in their home turf. Is this rivalry as intense as against gbmilan, when you wouldn’t even consider promotion if you didn’t have beaten him on his home ground?

There is mutual respect and a healthy friendship between me and the manager at Urrutxis. We faced each other in the past, both in series IV and in series III, we talk about our teams every now and then, and we respect each other very much. When in series IV, we fought against one another for promotion; but the unpleasantries stopped there, on the pitch. It’s not his fault if someone else decided to field a “b” squad when playing against him.

Gbmilan is a totally different story. His calls for respect are baseless. First you must work hard to earn respect. Playing cheap shots doesn’t help in that aspect. My tactical superiority was crushing, and is even more evident today: While we are fighting for promotion to series II, he’s struggling to keep afloat in mid-table at series IV. I gave him what he deserved last season: 8 goals over 2 matches, and total humiliation in front of his fans. From what I am told, he hasn’t yet fully recovered as of today.

To finalize, tell us your ultimate goal in HT and how you motivate yourself to achieve that, so others in Malta may see it as a role model to develop their team, improving therefore the all community.

Football is my passion, both in real life and HT. Sticking to training, seeing your youngsters improve – that’s what keeps me motivated. The occasional large victory doesn’t hurt, either.


Season 25, Series day 12: Live from the pitch

2206hrs: Apparently this is going to be a long night. Will leave the live commentary from the pitch.

2205hrs: The fans keep chanting Harrymou’s name. Now in the pitch, he acknowledges the fans’ singing by clapping his hands back, and pointing towards the players as if he wants to say: “It’s not me who did it, they are the ones who played.”

2201hrs: The Setubal players form two rows, and are applauding Wajlu’s players while heading out of the pitch. A commendable fair play gesture.


2054hrs: Very little left now. Officially, the titulo is only six minutes away. In reality, it has been ours since 2000hrs.

2051hrs: Supporters are enthousiastically chanting Harrymou’s name who, in turn, sits into the dugout and is now calmly shaking hands with his assistants and players.

2050hrs: That must seal it! Piubello scores again, 5-1.

2035hrs: Now only a miracle can deny us the 3 points tonight. Piubello enters into the scoresheet. Now leading 4-1.

2023hrs: Harrymou is telling his players to keep calm. But in the meantime, Gronkjaer and Urbano accomodate themselves back in the dugout.

2022hrs: Penalty for Setubal! Dito hits the net. Now we are leading 3-1.

2005hrs: Gronkjaer and Urbano are warming up. Something must be brewing in Harrymou’s mind.

2000hrs: Half time update. Setubal now leading 2-1 with near 70% possession. Kenneth Falzon opened the score, Wajlu equalized giving us a major fright, then Suarez gave us some tranquillity, just before hlaf-time.

1958hrs: Throw a deep pass, and leave it to Suarez. Lightening fast lad. He re-establishes the lead. We are now at 2-1.

1939hrs: Goal for Wajlu. Equalizer scored by Eichborn. After a moment of silence, head ultra’ Bogdanov re-establishes his authority, and leads the stadium to incite the Setubalense 11.

1926hrs: Early goal aside, the two teams appear to be playing well below their average game.

1921hrs: Falzon scores! 1-0 for Setubal.

1915hrs: The teams kick-off in front of a sold-out Estadio do Bonfim.


Season 25, Series day 12: Pre match press conference.

We thank Portuguese Manager Ahriman, of CocaCólicos United (864924), who prepared the below questions to be used in this week’s pre match press conference.

You had a much celebrated win over Grabi F.C. last week but if you win on this sunday, you are the mathematical champion. Which of the matches is more important?

All of us were happy with Sunday’s match. It was crucial to us. On my priority list, beating Gabri was always more important than winning the series. Now that we reached that goal, we must think of the next important target: winning the series. As you said, winning tomorrow will give us the titulo with two rounds to spare. After that our next goal would be to win all 14 matches of the season, thus closing the campaign on an unbeaten run. And we can go on setting targets like that for hours. But, with that being said, we need to take things one step at a time. Always. For me, the next match is always the most important.

Its a known fact that players tend to relax on the game following a very tense match? Can this happen against Wajlu?

I agree with your theory. But my players are serious professionals who know exactly what I want of them; they will enter the field fully focused and I am highly confident that my lads will not flunk it. Additionally, I had anticipated the problem you mentioned in your question, and we did our best to reduce its impact. Our players have been preparing for the match against Gabri for a long time. And we will be playing home, too. I am confident that this preparation will help us minimize the impact of this problem, and that their drop in performance will be smaller than expected.

Wajlu utd has a strong defense. Are you strikers ready for that?

His defence is one of his main strengths. With that being said, I think that a quick look to the numbers will give you the answer you are looking for: My team has the highest number of goals scored; and the least number of goals conceded of the entire series. What should they my players worry about? So-far, Setubal faced Wajlu 5 times. We won all 5 matches, scoring on average 3.2 and conceding an average of 0.8 goals per match. By all means, everything could happen tomorrow. But what I can say is that, as of today, the numbers are heavily in my favour.

All smiles after beating arch-rival Gabri: "I am fully confident of my players; they will not flunk it"

If waiju looks at the numbers also, might he be inclined to play with the reserves, to make sure you get promoted and perhaps have an easier next season, if a weaker team or even a bot gets relegated there?

Who knows if a bot or a weak team gets relegated? What happens if another monster team gets relegated instead? If this would be the case, wouldn’t history be repeating itself like this year, when it was like having a shark placed in a 12x12m swimming pool? No, I’m afraid no team has control on who gets promoted or relegated. But we do have control of our formations.

If he fields his top players, he might have a chance to get something It’s a game after all and anything could happen. But whatever he decides to field, I will be lining up my best 11 as on Sunday 13th of May.

Will you be playing against a foe or a friend tomorrow?

By a mile, a friend. We respect each other’s experience very much.

Do you believe wajlu utd will be your sucessor next season and obtain the first place in the league?

If I had to choose with the heart I’d go for Wajlu. But I tend to analyze the number too. As of today, there are only 3 points separating Wajlu and Gabri. If the odds are proven correct, tomorrow the gap will shrink back to zero. The difference between the two clubs is minimal. Perhaps Gabri concedes more goals than Wajlu, but in the end it all boils down to the direct encounters. So, my best guess is that whoever is bravest on the day they face each other will eventually win the titulo.

Believing you are going to get promoted, in a sentence, I ask you to give a final piece of advice for waiju.

The first line of defence is.. to attack! If he manages to add some more goals, next season he will be top favorite for promotion.


Season 25, Series day 11: Live from the pitch

2350hrs: Previews from tomorrow’s sports newspapers are slowly being filtered out. Talks abot delirious scenes in the Setubalense area, and a quiet sense of defeat in Zabbar. Loss against Setubal and seeing Inter erase Bbilan’s Serie A title aspirations feels more like a double blow. With this win, Harrymou has placed a hand -maybe two- on the manager of the season award, finishing the season with a rare 14-win clean sweep would seal the issue. Vitoria Setubal’s midfield is highly acclaimed: 4 out of the 5 goals were scored by them. If there’s a negative thing to comment, an influential editorialist commented about the 3 goals suffered by Setubal: “Unheared of, for a very long time. Not even a premier team managed to score so many goals against us this season. Perhaps the rearguard needs revising?”

2335hrs: Harrymou takes the microphone: “We are happy today, a long standing account has been settled. But we must remain with our feet on the ground. We must win all 3 remaining games. If we beat Wajlu next Sunday, the titulo will be mathematically ours, and remaining two games will be well within our reach.”

2330hrs: Setubal players and staff perform a lap of honour around the Estadio do Bonfim pitch, acknowledging their fans’ cheers.

2300hrs: Vitoria Setubal players arrive Estadio do Bonfim.

2245hrs: News reached out at Estadio do Bonfim that Inter won the derby, and effectively screwed B.B.ilan’s title aspirations. Cheering voices of the present fans has reached new decible levels.

2220hrs: The team bus has just boarded the Gozo Qamel ferry. In the meantime, beer stands at Estadio do Bonfim are runnin out of stock. One fan, with tears in his eyes spoke to Setubal’s TV channel: “I have been supporting Maroons since day 1, way back in 2004. When I heared that Harrymou bought out Vitoria Setubal, I immediately filled in the new supporter application form. This victory means a lot to us. There was an open account since September 2005, and we have waited for 6 1/2 years for this day of settlement! I couldn’t be happier!!”

2125hrs: Setubal fans are being guided out of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, under heavy police escort. The most popular chants were “Zeru tituli!” and “Salutate la capolista”.

2120hrs: Harrymou, from the mixed zone: “This is a historical day for Vitoria Setubal. The players gave their 110%, I couldn’t have asked any more from them. I am more than satisfied by their performance, and thank them publically for their efforts. The sprinklers? Another provocation by Gabri. But this time I will report them to the HFA, and they will have to face the music. Yes, I agree that promotion is now within reach, but we still have 3 games left. We don’t afford to let our concentration drop. But we’ll start thinking about that tomorrow. Tonight, there’s a victory, no, there’s a HUGE victory to celebrate! News just reached me that our fans are already heading to Estadio Do Bonfim. There will be a huge party tonight. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we don’t want to miss the 2215hrs ferry to Gozo.”

90+6: Harrymou carried out of the pitch on shoulders’ lengths, should reach the conference room within a few minutes.

90+3: Sprinkles switch on. Setubal players couldn’t care less, and carry on celebrating. Harrymou is saluting Setubal fans, around 2,000 today present at Zabbar. The rest of the ground is pursuing him with a rainfall of insults.

90+1: Harrymou sprints out of the dugout, runs across the ground with his fist high in the air. Besenzon (Gabri) isn’t very happy, and tries in vain to stop the celebration

90: Game over! Setubal come out victorious of this epic battle. Fernando Pastor voted man of the match.


Season 25, Series day 11: Pre match press conference.

It has been a clean-sweep season for you without many real life user matches. How do you keep motivated and still so active?

I don’t agree. With all respect, I look at premier league teams, and try to keep their pace. We are in competition with them; that is what keeps me going. With that being said, my tactical superiority is no secret. Sooner or later I’ll go up, though I am in no hurry. We are 5 human teams in this series, and 3 bots. If the other human teams in my series cannot hold on to my standard, then it’s their problem not mine.


Fans are convinced that promotion is a given this season. Do you believe your team is ready for Division III?

I like fans, who doesn’t? But their reasoning is slightly flawed. One loss too many and the manager’s job is already on the line. Fans think with their heart. I prefer to put some logic into it, and let the results do the talking. I believe the cup is the best indicator for this. Let us take Vitoria Setubal’s cup run this season. We beat 8-0 a Series II team, Phoenix Sports Club. And Phoenix isn’t anywhere near the relegation zone. Then we got eliminated against Olimpici04. The premier team beat us with only one goal to spare. So, if we give hard time Premier and Series II outfits, then yes, I believe my team has what it takes make his voice heard in a higher series. But I refuse to think about promotion for the time being. First I must win tomorrow’s match, then we’ll see from there.


"I asked my players to honour the badge" - Harrymou

Gbmilan entries in HT have been very rare in the last few months. Do you believe the rivalry is still present on his side?

As far as I’m concerned, he logged in pretty regularly in the past 7 days. He also set last Sunday’s match to PIC. This is no coincidence. I’m pretty sure he marks our match days with a red marker on his real life diary.

Oh yes, I believe there is still an element of rivalry from his end, like hell he does. But I’m not so sure if some of his players feel it in the same way. Imagine what motivation levels some top, yet unutilized players like Zieman, Lovgren and Laub will have, if they are ever are chosen to play. How happy will they be at their manager, after being given the cold shoulder treatment for weeks and months? It doesn’t concern me, but, since I’m facing him next, this question’s outcome could be pretty interesting for us.


Your current training is more effective when you use the 2-5-3 tactic and by your previous statements, training is the most important part of the week. Will you compromise this for a more balanced team and therefore a more consistent way of win?

My philosophy has always been about having attractive football. But I am not committed towards one style of formation. I can always change training for just one week. What if I decide to change to set pieces? I’d have 22 trainees for the week, and in that case all formations would do fine with me.


How much time will you dedicate on this tactic, will it be especially conceived?

If I was predictable, I wouldn’t be giving hard time to premier teams in the cup. And like everyone else, I constantly adjust my formations according to my players, the team’s philosophy, and the opponent I would be facing.

I understand that the game could go both ways all the same; that’s ok with me. If he wins, he will be winning just one battle, but the war will be far from over. His team will remain for yet another season with zeru tituli, while Setubal, irrespective of getting promoted or not, would still have the sight of the series title ribbon firm in sight.



What does a win over Gabri F.C. next Sunday means for you?

Our top priority for this season was to progress enough in the cup to have at least one game played at Estadio do Bonfim. That target was achieved. The second is to beat Gabri and his team of morricones. We already did that once, too. Now it’s time to repeat ourselves. If we win, I will be the happiest man on earth. If we don’t, it would mean they would have resorted once again for dirty, below the belt tactics. It isn’t the first time they did this, and I believe it won’t be the last. But this must not be an excuse for us. We must win, even when faced with any kind of adversity.

I refuse to talk to him, and won’t shake his hands. He is the personification of anti-sport. And I don’t want my hands to smother someone who supports a paedophile with a criminal record even longer than a cathedral. After all, we know the saying. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

Following last season’s outrage, I spelled out my intentions loud and clear. Hopefully we’ll win tomorrow. Only at that time I will start thinking about promotion. If not, no biggie. I’ll do my best to finish first but avoid the direct promotion zone. Once I get my 1st place in the series ribbon, I’ll field a stupid formation for the playoff, let my opponent stay in III for another season, and see you all in two weeks’ time, again in IV. After all, here is a most lovely place to train, get good wins and keep fans happy.


Will it the match of the season for you?

I asked my players to honour the badge we so proudly wear close to our heart. If anyone is uncomfortable with it, no problem: they all know where the door is. My players respect the opponent, but they have a heart and a memory too. If I limited myself to denouncing his anti-sport actions which harmed my team; my players’ intentions weren’t all that benign. They are the ones who sweated and spitted blood all season, only to see their hard work thrown under the carpet because of Gabri’s match fixing. Now I want to see a reaction from them.


Season 25, Series day 1: Pre match press conference.

As he did a few days ago, Harrymou spoke with the present journalists via teleconferencing in the pre-match press briefing prior to the league season opener. The Setubalense owner may be away from the island, but he is nonetheless keeping in touch with his deputies on a daily basis, and closely following developments both in the Club and in the series.

Let us start by asking your thoughts about Wednesday’s game.
I would have preferred if we finished 10-0 instead of 8-0, but I won’t complain. The team has already shown a decent form level, and can only get better when we have more games under the belt. What I didn’t like were the two yellow cards. HFA sent us a message here: they are already all out trying to slow us down. The only way they can do that is by inflicting suspensions, and we must be careful not to fall into their trap.

Which leads us on tomorrow’s match against Pandamonju…
I like the guy, and it hurts me to see a team like Pandamonju getting eliminated on the Cup’s first round. I’m serious, this situation troubles me. He sold all the players he had which were worth of any reference. And, so-far, he hasn’t bought anyone to replace the players sold. At this present situation, he’ll be lucky if his team isn’t relegated in series V. All we can do is hope that the owner gets back the motivation he has apparently lost along the way. He has been around in the game for many years, has a lot of experience, and our community would be at the loosing end if he loses interest in the game.

When will you be returning from your holiday?
That is none of your business. As I said, the first matches shouldn’t pose much problems. And I actually see no point in press conferences, especially when facing bot teams.

Every season your team looks like building and improving over what has been done in the past. How do you manage to do that?
What I try to do is instill a philosophy, and this can only be done in phases. The first thing to do is to give them tactical discipline. Play with the mind, not with emotions. Then I show them that I don’t want to lose matches. I want to get the maximum points in the beginning. And I want to show it’s not easy to beat Setubal, that it’s not easy to score against them. Step by step the team is getting strong by the tactical and mental point of views. Very strong. They are feeling the power: we score one goal, we don’t lose. We can go away from home, we don’t concede goals. Clean sheet after clean sheet. Points quickly start gathering that way.

How do you rank your chances for tomorrow’s game?
Even if he buys new players in the last minute, he will start the match as the underdog. But we must stay alert, and be prepared for everything. We have a task, a goal, and my players must focus on it.



Season 25, Cup round 1: Pre match press conference.

Outside Estadio do Bonfim the temperature is, by Maltese standards, pretty cold. Torrential rains, strong winds, and roads which transform into rivers is the order of the day during these times of the year. Inside Vitoria Setubal’s stadium, the media are greeted by a warm atmosphere, air conditions do the trick. However this is not the case for Harrymou. He hasn’t yet returned from his holiday. This meeting with the press is being held via teleconferencing, and we can say that quite a number of the present journalists felt a stab of jealousy when they saw the Setubalense owner on the screen, tanned and with sunglasses – even though it’s evident that wherever he is it’s well past sundown. He’s wearing a bathing suit and a hula shirt with a huge glass containing a colourful cocktail on his side…

Where exactly are you, Mr Harrymou?
Right now I’m in Kaiula Beach, Oahu, Hawai, and it’s well past f****** midnight over here! What do you want from me?

Isn’t the season going to start in a few hours time? What are you doing on the other side of the world?
I’m doing what you cannot do: taking a break. As things stand, my season won’t start until a few weeks’ time. Today my team faces a bot. If it weren’t for the training, I would have had zeru interest in this match. Then on Sunday we face Pandamonju. But unless he makes major last-minute changes to his team, I’m not worried about next Sunday, either. The first big game will be on the 11th of March, in round 3, against Wajlu. Same thing for the cup. First two or three rounds will be bots… or almost BOTS. And even if they aren’t, training is more important.

Can you outline your team’s top priorities for this season?
First of all, I’d love to have at least one cup game played at home. But that’s a marginal target. If we don’t reach it no one of us will despair. Secondly, and this is most important, is to bet Gabri and his team of maricones. Both home and away. Then, if target two is achieved, I will aim for promotion.

What in the world does maricones mean?
This is your problem, not mine. Go find it yourself on a Spanish dictionary.

Harrymou: "How am I expected to think about walkovers when I am holidaying in a paradise like this?"

You seem to have this situation. At home you beat the hell out of Gabri, but yet you never managed to go out of his stadium with any points at all.
Yes, this situation annoys me. But sooner or later I’ll make it. We learn from every defeat, and I can tell you that we learned from last season’s round 14 too. What we learned is not your business. But what I can tell you is that it’s only a question of time. My tactical superiority is not a secret. Either this season or the one after it I’ll do it.

Have you got any thoughts you’d like to share with us on today’s game?
We’ll win with a huge goal margin. As a game, particularly as to what am I expecting from Qormi Athletic FC, I reckon my cocktail is far more interesting.

What is it you’re drinking?
It’s a local drink, they call it the Big Kahuna. Listen, my drink won’t make any headlines. I spent the morning swimming and this evening drinking, so I’m both tired and pissed. These questions are both frivolous and annoying. So, any serious question? I’d appreciate if you’re gonna leave me in peace.

[silence from the journalists]

Ok, aloha. Good night.

[connection interrupts]


Season 24, Series day 14: Pre match press conference.

In a jam-packed conference room at Estadio do Bonfim, FC Vitoria Setubal just concluded the traditional pre-match press conference. Today’s event will probably be the club’s last meeting with the media this season.

In the past days, managers from Premier League and other top Maltese divisions spoke highly of your team’s performance last Sunday. Some said that you deserved to win, others went as far as saying that under your leadership, the Setubalense ultras will soon be making their voice heard in series II.
At my first press conference after being given this team, I said I wasn’t one out of the bottle; way back then the top managers already know me very well. I played against them, beat their teams and got promoted to Premier before most of them, they know what I’m capable of. I don’t have to show anything to anyone, neither here nor on national level.

What was your reaction to Sunday’s draw?
I accept the result, if you remember well I said there was a high probability that the match would end in stalemate. With a defence like that, you don’t need to be a genius to forecast the result. I am satisfied with last Sunday’s performance; it is evident that my lads are finally getting some mechanisms right. The team is completely closed. Anything you say outside, there is no chance it will go inside. So the team is really strong and compact. We know what we want and how to achieve it on the pitch.

How do you rate the chances of Urrutxis missing the three points tomorrow, thus giving Setubal the chance for playoff?
I don’t want to talk about promotion or probability of finishing first. I leave that to statisticians. We have a game tomorrow. All of us at the club from me all the way down to the supporters and club cleaners care a lot about tomorrow’s match. It’s more than a sporting event, it’s a clash of two totally different ideologies. Whatever happens, he would still finish his season behind me. We might win or lose, but whatever happens it is important that we give it our best shot. We are fully focused on it.

What do you expect from Gabri tomorrow?
He lost the last two matches against me, so I guess he’ll be all out for some revenge. It’s certain that he will field his three best innermids together tomorrow, which is something he didn’t do for w while. Likewise, I’m pretty sure he’ll mots, but won’t be the only one doing that.

How was your reaction at Gabri celebrating the fact that you will not get promoted?
If I am hated at Gabri it’s their problem, not mine. Fear is not a word in my football dictionary. I speak my mind. If something smells shit I say it. I understand that they happen not to like what I say. Bad luck to them. You want to bet that I’ll get my third titulo and get promoted before them?

Do you have any forecast for tomorrow’s match?
If we repeat last Sunday’s feat, I say Gabri would be better off not showing up. But you’re never really sure when it comes to human users and random factors. It’s up to the HT-Gods.


Economy, not promotion come first

The following were remarks given by Harrymou in the mixed zone, following his team’s match against Urrutis.

“Everyone saw the game. It was my team’s best match ever, and we didn’t MOTS. Our goal is the fruit of a huge midfield superiority. Their midfield maestro Plisson was given a very important lesson: it’s not the individual who makes the difference. Team effort is more important. Falzon, Dito, Pastor & co made a mockery out of him.

“I am not in a position to state whether Urrutxis MOTSed or not. What I can say for sure is that his team played better than average. It’s his busines.

“Why none of the teams won? Easy. We had a good midfield, but our attack was not sufficiently strong to tear apart his defence. On the other hand, since we dominated from start to finish, it would have been grossly unfair if they won. I think a draw was the most fair result. However, if one team really had to win, then that would have been us. Look at the possession and chances.

“I repeat, we don’t mind not getting promoted. There is a huge number of teams in Series III who dream and yearn for a 269 hatstats like ours – and I am not talking about bottom 4 teams. The highest midfield rating in the Premier League today was made by Zurrieq Holland, outstanding (very low). Ours was outstanding (high), two levels better.

“I am proud that we are achieving these results in a very, very economical way. Our salary bill stands at 96k/week, yet in terms of performances we are on par with Urrutxis, whose wages are 135% higher than ours. A solid economy is vital for reaching and staying in higher levels.”

“Gabri? Yes I heard about the party. It doesn’t concern me. What I can say is that I’m happy to stay here. So I can kick their ass next season too.”

  • About Hattrick

    About Hattrick