Season 26, Series day 12: Setubal carry on winning

Vitoria Setubal continued their winning ways yesterday, beating Buskett Rangers on away ground. With this defeat, Buskett Rangers got the mathematical certainty of relegation to series IV.

Second placed Minotawri kept the pace with the capolista, and remain trailing four points behind. Their chances of finishing the season in first place are getting lower by the minute: they now need to win -and pray that Setubal lose- both remaining games if they are to win the titulo.

Black Tigers and Gonzaga Blues suffered defeat, and were thus forced to give up their aspirations for second place.

Urrutxis and Man Utd XI won their respective games, thus giving a lifeline to their survival hopes and getting away from the dreaded direct relegation zone.

Interviewed after his team’s convincing 6-1 victory, Setubal owner Harrymou said “No disrespect meant to Buskett, but we had a job to do and showed them who’s the boss.

Winning the titulo is now only a formality. Our target is to win both games and secure direct promotion. The chances of us losing two games in a row is, to put it frankly, very remote. The last time we lost two series games consecutively was against High Ridge, in January 2011, that is over six seasons ago. If I were Minotawri I wouldn’t count much on that prospect.

Next weekend we face Man Utd XI. On paper they are beatable, but I’m quite weary of them. I’m not letting their past few weeks’ performances put me under any illusions. They finished second last season and we only managed a draw against them in the first round. They are very competent, and can easily give us a hard time. One false step could cost us points, and I don’t want to leave the question of the titulo pending any longer.”

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