The First Weeks

Here we were, with a brand new team in Hattrick, but with the experience of about 20 seasons of playing Hattrick. Not that I did very well the first time around, but at least I could start over without making the same rookie mistakes I made back then! The new team was called R.W.C.D.M., as my first team was originally called and it was located in the 8th division, the VIII.1820 series. I also kept my alias, Mr_Clean and the history behind it!


The only thing I didn’t have any more was my old team, but the team W.C. Brussels still existed, somewhere in the 8th division, it had been demoted because of the bot cleanup that occurs every end of the season. Before that, it stayed for two more seasons in the VI.205 series after I left it, finishing 2nd the same season I left (not bad!) and 7th after it had been botified … It still holds the players I had when I left, with some crack heads added by botification, but as it is in the lowest division, it can be replaced any day now. Nothing to change about that, I made a decision during the summer and I still don’t regret it. But now, I had to concentrate on my new team, I also did choose to start over and I wouldn’t let things go down the drain.

First things first, let’s choose a training. Check the players you have first, crap, these really suck! Two of them are still “young” (22 years) and have passable wing and inadequate playmaking, they are “trainable”. Although it’s not that easy to do winger training, it is still one of the fastest trainings around, so my first choice was made: we go for winger training. Second, reinforce the team. I knew midfield was the key to success, so that’s where I invested most of my money, buying two 27 year old formidable inner midfielders. The ‘saved’ profiles come in handy, but there is also new function that allows you to search the transfer list for similar players that is a good addition. I now had the trainees and I had reinforced my midfield, the money I started with was almost up, I just needed a better trainer now. A passable coach with poor leadership would be enough to start with as I remembered, I had enough money left for that, 79.600 euros to be exact. Wait a minute, my current coach is passable and has weak leadership, … OK, looks like this changed as well then. Well, then I can still buy another inner midfielder!

Of course, Hattrick being a competition, I wanted to promote to the 7th division. The division I was in was quite simple, two other teams were human, 5 were bot teams. One of the managers of the human teams did not even bother to log in after receiving his team, so he was in reality an equivalent to a bot team. Unfortunately, I started in second position, 6 points behind the first and this team was clearly managed and there were only 6 matches until the end of the season. No way I could become first, therefore no way for me to directly promote to 7th division, I would need to count on the cleanup of bot teams and hope to move up. In the meanwhile, I could test my players without fear, I had to win easily, most of my opponents were bot teams anyway! And that would give me time to get acquainted with other things that might have changed since I left.

We now just started our second season with our first team, the first weeks are over, I’m in 7th division (due to the bot cleanup) and the team is growing (and has been renamed to W.C. Brussels again), the bad seeds have been removed (9 players were fired), trainees are popping, one of the 22 year olds is already formidable (didn’t I tell you winger training was fast?).


By the way, I finally managed to make a rookie mistake after all! When I was checking my next adversary in the second round Cup match, I knew I wouldn’t make third round. So the spare wingers could start training again, after only the best wingers got their training in between seasons. So, I started to put the players on the roster, spare wing back trainee 1, spare wing trainee 1, … Wait a minute, who are my two other wing trainees. I did have 8 (4 wingbacks, 4 wingers), right? Let’s check … Oh my god, no, it looks like I only had six and for some reason, during friendlies, two of them were the same as during the league game … Oh well, let’s hit the transfer list, I need two more trainees!

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