Learning again

As I told you already, I had been managing a team in Hattrick for 20 seasons, when I restarted. I think I know a lot (although I know also that I don’t know everything), but when it comes to the Youth Academy, the only item I didn’t look into in depth in the past, it soon became obvious that I needed to learn again how to do things and it was certainly not the same as running the senior team.


I knew it definitely added more fun to the game to have a youth team and although I hadn’t been that successful with it the first time around, I was hoping I could do better.

The name would be ‘The Pampers’, as with my original team (pampers being the “junior” version of toilets, of course). Their stadium would be called the ‘Potty Training Center’ (you have to get them out of the pampers one day, right?). I had always felt bad about the fact that I didn’t fully try out the street kids (the original 15 players you get when you open the youth academy) with my original team, so this time I would. Because of that, I knew I wouldn’t need a scout for at least the first 6 weeks (one player rotating on all positions), so that also meant I was OK with the one that came with the YA, that was perfect until I had a good view over my finances. When doing that rotating of players, I was very happy to see that two of those got 5 star as forwards and one even 6 stars! This was settled, we would go for scoring/passing training. Then, the week after that decision, two of them maxed out (only weak and poor scoring!) and the same week, after the friendly, the third one (6 stars) maxed out as well, with weak/weak scoring/passing?!?

Quickly, let’s read about the starring system in youth teams. OK, it looks like a potential forward gets 7 stars with passable/passable scoring/passing, that might explain things. Oops, it looks like I have some reading to do. I found some great articles on Hattrick and some websites with information (some of it outdated, but still valuable). I did learn a lot of things.

First, instead of hoping to get that one skill revealed, you could practice the trick of “skill revealing”. It is based on a simple principle: the trainer will reveal one actual skill based on primary training and one maximum skill based on the secondary training. An example: I have a player I want to know the actual defending skill, I set primary training to defending and field players in defense which have their defending skill already revealed (no one else, so if needed, you play with only 2 defenders, you only need to field 9 players to be OK). Result: I will know the defending skill of that particular player, I know how good he is now in defending.

Also, try not to maximize training, try to focus on one star player. The skill revealing already shows it, you don’t have to field 5 defenders if you are training defending. Of course, if there is more than one player that fits the training scheme, you should definitely add him to that line, but this one players needs your focus, the others

Another good tip was the training rotation you could apply for your star trainee. Let’s say he’s a goalkeeper. Of course, you will want him to max out in goalkeeping, but he also needs defending and set pieces, to become a good all round goal keeper, so you definitely want him to be the best he can get in those skills as well. Therefore, you will of course start with goalkeeping as primary and defensive positions as secondary, as this will also train the goalkeeper in defending. Once he maxes out in goalkeeping, you will play him as a defender (primary training: defending) and set him as set pieces taker (secondary :et pieces). And so on, until he maxed out on goalkeeping, defending and set pieces and only then will he be promoted (based on age of course!).

Finally, I would recommend using an external tool as Hattrick Youth Club. Like they say it themselves, they are much better than any Excel sheet (although I do like me Excel sheet), but they also have some added features that make them almost essential. I could write a whole article about it, but I’m simply going to mention the “twin” tool. It does indeed happen that youth players are actually a “copy” of an already existing (youth) player in Hattrick, when it comes to skills. If you happen to get such a player and Hattrick Youth Club recognizes him as a possible twin, you may end up knowing a lot about that player without having fielded him once!


Well, with what I learned in mind, I can now say that it’s getting better already. I practice the skill revealing (while rotating other players to see at their stars if I need to “reveal” them as well) and I try to focus one that one player that is worth it. I might actually have discovered him, we’ll see what the trainer has to say!

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