The remarkable effect of doing nothing

I cannot say that my trip in the 6th League has been a very exiting one thus far, except for the match against the team that is now ranked 7th, I lost all my games and W.C. Brussels was ranked 8th.


Lucky me, my supporters also think that “we are not worthy of this division”, so although I’m losing some matches 10-0, they more or less remain calm, they are even still joining me at a rate of 7 per update!

Yet, each and every week I keep checking what can be done to minimise  the number of goals I take (no point in checking if I can win, I simply cannot), but that doesn’t help a lot, the best score being 4-1 so far and that was actually the first match this season against the team that promoted from 7th League.

This Sunday, I remembered around 13.45 that I had a match that started at 13.00! Oops, I forgot my line-up. I quickly logged in, not to see what I could do (I couldn’t do anything!), but to see how much damage was done. To my delight, I was only losing 0-1 and despite a 55% possession he only had two chances, one of which was a counter and I had 1! OK, not too bad.

Still, knowing from experience that the score can rather quickly turn from 0-1 into a 0-10, I kept on looking. The second half started, soon after we were already at 0-2, but then a miracle happened, we scored two goals and we’re 2-2. Unfortunately, the miracle didn’t last, in the 72nd minute, he scored another goal and the match ended in a 2-3 loss.


Still, just one goal difference, the best score this season. And this “doing nothing” had some remarkable side effects: the spirit of the supporters is now content (up 1), today’s update got me 8 new supporters (up 1) and because of my better goal difference, I now have taken 7th place (up 1) in the ranking. I wonder, should I forget my line up next week as well …

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