The second team

I already told you, amongst the features of the Platinum Supporter, the second team caught my eye straight away. I had always wanted to have a second team in a foreign country, although I knew it was against the rules. But now, it wasn’t anymore!


OK, there were rules involved (and of course the more expensive Platinum Supporter, although here I had a 50% discount for the first year, so I will be playing Hattrick for at least the next year;)). The rules were strict: no transfers between teams and it isn’t possible to buy a player that has ever played for the first team (or the other way round). These rules were pretty obvious, otherwise it would be possible to buy overprized players and thus send money from one team to another, aka, cheat! Also, it wasn’t possible to play friendlies. Strange, didn’t know why that would be impossible, but then it hit me: you could cause walkover matches! Lucky for us, a few weeks before the second teams were introduced, the HT team made walkovers impossible, whenever a manager would not field any player, a random line up would be created. Therefore, this rule was abolished.

On the 6th of April came the news, we were going to be able to apply for the team on Monday, at 15.00 Hattrick time. I expected a big rush at that moment and I was at work anyway with no way to log into Hattrick, so I would choose the second team’s country in the evening. I knew for sure that teams in smaller countries (maximum 3 divisions) would be very envied, so I choose to take a bigger league. Not a big league, like Belgium, but a league with 4 divisions. Three countries came to my mind: Al Iraq, Việt Nam and Pilipinas, all for some personal reason. Al Iraq was because I had been involved with their national team when they first came into the Hattrick World. I had helped as a scout for many seasons. I thought it would be a great way to help the country that was still remaining small. The second choice was because of my first foreign holiday in a faraway country, that happened in 1998. I loved Vietnam since and kept very good memories about that trip, where I did go all by myself but joined a group of international tourists. It was a holiday “outside” the usual path, I had learned a lot about that country in the 3 weeks I spent over there. The third country was a choice of my heart: my wife was born in the Philippines and although she came to Belgium when she was 8, she had learned me a lot about her country of birth. I knew we would be going there once (we are still saving on one hand, as I want the same type of holiday as in Vietnam, a big tour of the country and on the other hand we are waiting for our son to grow, so he can enjoy his ½ country of origin to the fullest), so why not start with a Hattrick team over there? But a choice had to be made and since I knew the people involved with Al Iraq the best (and most of them appeared to be still active), that was my final choice!

It took me some time to choose a name. As with my first team, I wanted it to revolve around a single theme. The first theme that came to mind was that of air travel (I’m very actively playing Airport City on Android), the team’s name would be a plane (A-380’s), the youth would be a small plane, the stadium would be called after airports and so on. When reviewing the other new teams, I remembered something: the national football team of Al Iraq was called ‘The Lions of Mesopotamia’. I had found my theme: lions. The first team would be ‘The Lions of Babylon’ (Babylon being located in Iraq) and I would choose ‘Al Babil’ as region. The youth team would be called ‘The Cubs of Mesopotamia’. The arena for the senior team would be ‘Savannah Grasslands’ (natural habitat of lions in Africa), for the youth it would be The Den (which I had to change in The Den Stadium in the end, as The Den was already taken). The only name I’m missing is one for the supporters club.

The activation of the second teams was scheduled between Monday 06/05 and Wednesday 08/05, Tjecken had said. He also said it would be done totally at random, without any particular order. I was at the office on Monday and since waiting for my second team didn’t mean I needed to do anything, I logged into Hattrick, followed the forum and waited for the activation, like a little child, and as it turned out, like a lot of other managers! Nothing till noon, not a word. Then, around 16.00, some people started saying ‘I got mine’ (seriously, because some had been joking about it before) and indeed, Tjecken opened a topic, Barbados (small league) would be first, then USA (big), then England (bigger) and then last test would be Germany (biggest league). After that, things would be ‘automatic’ and totally random, if all tests were successful. Still, people were asking ‘when will it be my league’, whilst others were guessing what the sort order of the activation was (it had to be season, no, it had to be number of divisions, no, it had to be … random?). Pretty funny, to say the least. Just before I finished work, my team was activated. I had a quick glance, I closed Hattrick, I would look at it further in the evening!


Here we are, we are now the manager of two teams and it’s all legal, no chance of losing the first team because of cheating! Suddenly, there is much more to think about and even much more to talk about. Lucky for us, Hattrick United also allows second teams from now on, so if you want to know more, here is where you’ll find more news about my second team from now on! The first article should be coming soon.


P.S.: In case you wonder, I actually wrote this during the summer, but never published it … Some information is therefore outdated, but what the heck!

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