5 years and counting

OMG, I just realized I have been playing Hattrick for the second time for just over 5 real life years! I’m not yet at the same point as the first time around, when I lasted almost 7 and a half years, but we’re getting there. And contrary to what I predicted in 2013 when I restarted, Hattrick is still around!


And suddenly I realize that what I initially wanted to do (keep a blog about my new team and my second team) didn’t last that long: only 6 posts on the first team, only 1 post on the second team, the last post dating back to the end of 2013. I also recently started the Hattrick United site for the third team, but nothing has changed, it’s still the standard setup (yes indeed, you can now have up to 3 teams in Hattrick, more about that later).

Strangely a lot of things did happen in those 5 years: to by first team, to my second team and to my third  team, to Hattrick in general, even in real life. So plenty of topics that I could have written about …

But still, 5 years and counting. The 17th season of my first team coming to and end. For my second team that’s the 16th season and my third team has only existed for the past 4 seasons.

I just finished reading my 7 previous posts and it all comes back to me. The fun I had over the past 5 years, the decisions I had to make, the mistakes I did make (again). All those stories are only in my head now, I could have shared them.


So, I decided to get some life back into my Hattrick blogs here at Hattrick United and my first aim is to write a post every two weeks. Let this article be the first one of many!

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