Weretigers move ahead of Chipmunks

Foica’s talented head

For their 5th match of the season, Weretigers headed to Washington D.C. to face the 2nd place Chipmunks F.C. with a chance to pass them in the standings. The Chipmunks were rather banged up with four of their regular players injured and had probably overperformed up to this point. Road wins are hard to come by, but this looked like the perfect opportunity.

Weretigers wasted no time getting to work and once again it was their new wingers that got things started. This time it was Alonso Foica who finished a corner from fellow winger Flip Tax to put Weretigers up 1-0 after just 3 minutes. And then 5 minutes later they did it again, sort of. It wasn’t another corner, but instead a nice pass from Tax that Foica headed in to make the lead 2-0.

22 minutes in, Bruno Spricigo proved that forwards can in fact score on this team when he added another goal to put the team up 3-0. That would be all they’d get, but it was more than enough. The Chipmunks picked up a late goal from Augius ฤŒaminas but never really threatened in this one.

The victory moved Weretigers into 3rd place and knocked the Chipmunks down to 4th. The rest of the results in the series could not have been more favorable. Primrose, who was in 1st, lost in a shocker to Shiner Athletic. Also, Bankia beat Ingram, continuing Ingram’s misfortune and keeping them far away from Weretigers. Primrose’s loss combined with Weretigers’ win put the team just 1 point out of 1st.

Next week is a big week for Weretigers. They’ll host 2nd place Primrose FC, with a chance to overtake them, and perhaps even move into 1st, depending on how Pragmatism fares. Primrose is without a doubt the toughest team in the series. They have a very strong defense and midfield, so will be difficult to score against.

Match: Chipmunks 1 โ€“ 3 Weretigers
Goals: Foica (3′), Foica (8′), Spricigo (22′)