Would Messi travel 3,502kms?

Now I know Spain is quite a large nation too… but Australia… let’s face it.. is a massive Country. Australia is a country, a continent, and an island all in 1! We the people are renowned as being from Down-Under!

The point I’m trying to make here but failing miserably.. is that I seriously doubt that Lionel Messi, without doubt the World’s Greatest Player on any Soccer field today, would have to travel 3,502kms for a regular league season match… for his Spanish La-Liga club of Barcelona!?

Well this is what my EVIL INCORPORATED team faced today against an old foe in our League Series Round 3 clash against the Fremantle Sharks, and as we have already departed our small suburb of Somerville, located in the far south-east suburbs of the city of Melbourne, region of Victoria in Hattrick, we have caught a team bus from our home stadium, the Somerville Super Stadium, from their it took about a 90 minute drive by bus to the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, where we then hopped on a Jetstar Domestic Flight from Melbourne in the far south east of Australia.. and flew in Economy class to the far south western city of Perth.. this flight took approximately 2.5 hours of which we travelled accross multiple different time zones as Perth is 2 hours behind us here in Melbourne.. We arrived in sunny Perth to a pleasant greeting from our clubs loyal travelling fans (The Brain Washed) who have come along for the occassion but arrived a day early to sample the city of Perth and pre-match festivities..

After a quick meet, greet, autograph signing, many photo’s and some local media obligations, we were then whisked away and into another bus that headed down the highway from the Perth Airport and headed via the scenic route down to the Western Australian Regional town of Fremantle down on the docks at the Port of Fremantle, even this short little trip took another 90 mins in that bus as Perth’s traffic congestion seemed a tad worse than this time last season… But once we arrived at the beautiful home stadium of Fremantle Sharks, called ‘The Shark Pit’ a boutique sized arena of 30,000, but with top class facilities on offer for both teams, fans and the media contingent that gathers…

The team needed to stretch their legs, after such a long trip accross the nation… so we quickly had our bags taken down and into the stadiums change rooms where we got into our training gear and stepped out onto the hallowed turf that is The Shark Pit.. The playing surface was in immaculate condition as always, and the baking hot sun on it and our backs made the experience all the more great!

This training session (of which we appreciate our opposition allowing us to do…) consisted of some basic stretching and warm ups, then some laps around the pitch, then we got stuck into some drills that the training coach had specifically come up with for this match.. all went well, and the lads have pulled-up extremely well after it and will now be relaxing back at the team hotel for the night before the big match kicks off at 12 Midday local Perth time / or 2pm Melbourne time / or even 4am HT Time… EVIL INC. will be at full strength for the match and the coaching staff and manager have been seen and heard heavily scouting this opponent in readiness for such a crucial match of the season..

Match day will consist of a early wake up, morning breakfast down at a local cafe, quick walk down at the local junior soccer fields where we as a club will again be having a presence, signing autographs, having photo’s taken with all the juniors of this far away region, and I’m sure the players will want to help local coaches with the kid’s training and skills… Once that’s all done then back to the team bus with all the gear, then drive down back to The Shark Pit, for the big clash!

It should be a cracker! Be sure to add it to your HT-Live’s!

From the City of Perth here in Western Australia.. that’s WozzaNoski over and out!

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