Punch-On’s at the Precinct Pub!

Wednesday March 15th was a momentous day in the world of hattrick!
It was the day when I WozzaNoski began a chain of thought regarding the newly released Hattrick Tournaments and what I can do to create or join a tournament of my own or from what others have created..

Some ideas that I had come up with while plugging away at work one day recently include…

[The Ashes…] a possible battle including a small group of Oceanian Teams Vs English Teams similar to that in International Cricket.. with me knowing a few top guys from the leagues of England it certainly would have been possible to organise..
[SEN 1116 Fans FED Grudge Cup] a possible Cup involving those guys whom I communicate regularly with in the SEN FED.. but I looked at many of the guys, and they had already joined Cups of their own..
[HTUM FED Cups…] a possible Cup involving those fellow writers from the Hattrick United Managers Fed, but with the Golden League up and running again now I figured I could give that a miss this time around…
[EVIL Supporters Cup…] a possible Cup involving those guys who currently support me and my team or even managers whom I support in return… but again many of those guys had signed up to Cups straight away after the release of hattrick Tournaments feature…
[FAF Fed Cup…] a possible Cup involving those guys from down in the Fiji and Friends Fed, there was a forum thread created at the announcement, but not much interest was there, so sadly that hasn’t eventuated as yet..

and lastly… and the one I have chosen to go with is…

[The Precinct Pub Punch-On Cup!] a Cup that I have created in honour of.. and to envite all the guys from hattrick that over the duration playing hattrick that I have met in person.. and or those guys who I would like to meet from the City of Melbourne someday soon! And the reason behind the Precinct Pub being named, was due to the fact that this great Pub (located in the suburb of Richmond) is where we always meet fellow hattrick players… and let’s face it.. there’s not many days when there isn’t some sort of scuffle and or arguments at a Pub now is there!? haha

So to start off with…

I would like to introduce to you all…
Edition 1 of The Precinct Pub Punch-On Cup!

Fully registered Entrants include…

Tooradin Heart FC, and manager agent13… from Div V.26
Quinn Kings, and manager frankafanhock… from Div V.88
aussie hammer, and manager intone… from Div V.197
I feel like chicken tonight, and manager branca_22, from Div V.180

all of the above are located in Group A of the intial group stage of the Cup!

Next up is.. Group B.. and they include…

Drumleagues United, and manager -wilson-, from Div III.1
FC HiHi, and manager hihi001, from Div V.70
Collingwood F.C, and manager HK005, from Div IV.40
EVIL INCORPORATED, and manager WozzaNoski, from Div V.123

so by the looks of it, a pretty strong group of teams and managers their for the first edition, and certainly something fun and interesting to chat about next time we catch up for a beer or 10 at the Precinct Pub!

Early favourites for each group would be..
Tooradin Heart FC and aussie hammer from Group A.
Drumleagues United and Collingwood F.C from Group B.

My EVIL INCORPORATED matches and following results are here too…

19-03-2012 06.38 (5/36) Tournament / Drumleagues United [0 – 0] EVIL INCORPORATED (Draw)
26-03-2012 06.38 (6/36) Tournament / EVIL INCORPORATED [0 – 1] Collingwood F.C (Loss)
02-04-2012 06.38 (7/36) Tournament / FC Hihi [0 – 5] EVIL INCORPORATED (Walkover Win)

So again guys… stay tuned here on WozzaNoski’s BlogSpot for further updates and match results from The Precinct Pub Punch-On Cup! 😉

Updated on 9/4/2012

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