Drums Attacking Noise Evil’y Pressed Away

The newly released Hattrick Tournaments…

How do people approach them in there early stages after being created?

Well… with my EVIL INC. and with regard to the Tourney that I have created just this week…

I plan to use these matches as more experimentation within my Club, with various Formations, particular Player Combinations, and more or less just to see how the current Training Regime is coming along! And by that last statement I mean my 10 current Defence Trainees… In the past 3 seasons during the 2 week off season I have used those matches to play all 10 of my defence trainees in the 1 match, with Set Pieces training in mind and to see what sort of complete defence ratings I can achieve with Hatstats totals in mind…

And I’m proud to say this training plan is coming along quite nicely indeed, albeit we’ve been struck down lately with Suspensions and Injuries, but that hasn’t stopped me (WozzaNoski) from putting out strong lineups in League, Cup, Tournaments and Friendlies.. and we will continue to do so!

But the whole reason for this Hattrick United Blog Post… is to ‘brag’… haha

I’ll start off by informing you all of my recent Tournament 1st Group Match against a fellow HT Manager from my City of Melbourne here in Australia, -wilson- of which I have had the pleasure of meeting in person just a couple of weeks ago now.. He is the Manager of an Oceanian Div III Team called Drumleagues United, who are currenty sitting in a very good position in their own League Series.. (3rd), they have been playing Hattrick 14 months longer than me, and seem much more knowledgable about the game than I.. also him and his team being up in III shows his total team TSI = almost double that of mine… Form, Stamina and player SPECS all seemed pretty close pre game…

So I had assumed, he being a PM/Passing Trainer would have his usual 5 players accross the middle and with nothing significant on the line other than bragging rights between us.. he would throw 3 forwards up front! So with that assumption in mind, my plan was to maximise my defence … and that meant putting all 10 trainees on the field, with a 5-5-0 Formation, also with the extra setting of everyone with defensive orders… Oh and don’t forget the Pressing Tactic! ūüėČ
3 Subs orders were also programmed in late in the 2nd half, for stamina reasons..

and here below is the end ratings/score/tactics results..

Drumleagues United – 0 EVIL INCORPORATED – 0
Midfield excellent (very low) poor (high)
Right Defence formidable (low) mythical (very high)
Central Defence outstanding (low) divine (high)
Left Defence formidable (low) mythical (low)
Right Attack excellent (low) poor (high)
Central Attack inadequate (low) disastrous (high)
Left Attack formidable (very low) poor (very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence formidable (low) outstanding (high)
Attack solid (high) passable (very high)
Team Attitude
Tactic Normal Pressing
Tactic skill (no tactic) outstanding
Average midfield excellent (very low) poor (high)
Average defence formidable (high) magical (high)
Average attack solid (high) wretched (very high)
Total average excellent (high) excellent (low)
HatStats 274 269
HatStats Defence: 106
Midfield: 87
Attack: 81
Defence: 213
Midfield: 33
Attack: 23
LoddarStats 23.38 10.27

So yeah Guy’s… I am really happy with the first weeks game… and those defence ratings are HUGE! haha
I had realistically hoped for a draw, especially a 0-0 draw, and maybe even steal a 1-0 win via a SP or SE… but alwell…
I plan to use a different lineup next Monday… so watch this space!
Goodluck to everyone else in their respective Tournament games!

WozzaNoski over and out!

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Pills, Needles, Liquids, Powders and Tobacco's... arn't they all just great!? haha ;p I'm just a simple guy in my mid 30's trying to make my way in life, and I constantly battle against the tide of a mortgage, bills, car costs, grocery costs and just anything else that involves damn money! haha but most important of all.. is that I'm a father-to-be to hopefully a happy, healthy and gorgeous young baby girl, and I'm also the loving boyfriend of the amazing Pauline.. But I love hanging out with the boys, playing and watching most sports, doing the whole family thing... and meeting new people.. As For Hattrick... WozzaNoski began his Hattrick Career back in November 2008 (Season 25) under the username of "biggwozz" after weekly niggles from close friends + Poker Mates (leeny63 + SlyTel) who Introduced him to the Game we all love Hattrick.org! The Original Club Team Name was Woz's Terrorists which started in + spent 3.5 Seasons in VI.79 where they Won it Twice before being Promoted to Div V.93 where they spent another 3 Seasons in that.. Winning + Promoting from Once thus far... The username "biggwozz" was quickly changed to WozzaNoski to give a more appropriate Soccer name.. Div V was where WozzaNoski finally came to grips with the Forums + a decent Training Regime, the result of such Forum usage contributed to "forced name changes" to what they were back yonder... (Woz's Fanatics / Somerville Super Stadium).. Since that time the Fanatics had built a Solid Fan Base + a Young up & coming Squad full of various potential National Team Players for the Future + a Stockpile of Great Coaches! WozzaNoski has also been a Significant Contributor to the SEN 1116 Fans Federation here in Melbourne/Victoria & he alone has Increased the Members base after a Recruitment Drive in January 2011.. from 9 when he re-joined in December of 2010 to what it is now which is a Healthy & Vibrant 62! + is Recognised as 1 of the Largest Feds in all of Oceania! Much time has passed for our Team and Myself as a Manager in HT, thus another recent team name change, to Evil Penguins Inc. and another drop back down from Div IV down to Oceanian Div V! EVIL Penguins Inc. huh... well that part of history didn't last long either... I recently went through even more changes after the club was renamed EVIL Penguins Inc. where lastly over to the now fitting... EVIL INCORPORATED! Which is what it will now stay until the hattrick world we know it fails to exist! I currently reside in V.44.. the 28th ranked Div V in all of Oceania.. This is my 8th Season back down in Div V, after the first Season Finishing in 2nd Spot! Unfortunately again I sit 3rd on the table + hence will be staying down to Div V for some lengthy Camping/Hoarding of Cash ready for a Future Tilt at Div's 3 + 2 + the Pacific Premier! 1 thing to note is.. where-ever WozzaNoski goes, Controversy Always Follows!