Quest for Dominance Starts Here!


Today was the start! It’s a quest! Our Dominance will be seen, felt and heard by many!

The HTUM FED (Hattrick United Managers Fed) is that mentioned many!

I am upfront, I am vocal, I am opinionated, I am WozzaNoski! So Welcome to my World of EVIL!

The Golden League Season 2 Match Day 3 was the above mentioned matchup, our 1st Game in our Clubs History in this Prestigeous League.. and it wont be the last that’s for sure… Bragging Rights are on the line here.. No stone will be un-turned in order to eventually get our Club to a stage where we can Win this Title! It wont be this season that’s for sure, and it may not even be next season either, but I can say confidently that this Title will be 1 that sits very comfortably in the Trophy Cabinet down in the Historical Viewing Room directly opposite the Somerville Super Stadium, the home of EVIL INCORPORATED! And our fans (The Brain Washed) will one-day cherish the opportunity to play amongst some great Clubs and Managers from all over the world, but not just play, but Win, and Win often!

The Golden League is the Pride of the HTUM Fed, and is played only between Federation Members or those whom have their own Hattrick United Team Blogs but who may not have their own Supporter Package, to join us all in such a great and active Fed! And while I have only been a Fed Member for a couple of months or 4… already I feel at home amongst international Mates!

The Golden League is made up of a variety of Friendly Matches scheduled each and every Wednesday and Thursday, between Members.. It is not an Official Cup run through an offsite like hattrix cupmanager and the like… It is just a bunch of blokes and ladies posting in the Feds forum looking for Friendlies once they have been knocked out of their respective National Cups! Once a match is agreed upon, then a match id link is posted in the forum, and friendly banter is had all week in the build up in the forums and on our blogs! The best part is though.. that the Guru himself ‘leebebbs’ has created a specific blog for the League.. and all of its results, interviews, stadiums, player stats and awards etc etc can be found their… (http://officialgoldenleague.blogspot.com.au/) The stats also include a full round up of match point allocations and a table is produced! This is where the pride and banter comes in! If you’re at the top.. then you have fed wide bragging rights, but if you’re down the bottom.. well then you can please yourself! 😉

Todays match was against an English Manager who goes by the name of Malcolm_ and he manages a team called Malcolm Mania! (Who would have thought!? haha 😉 And it’s no ordinary team… It’s full of players with the first name of Malcolm… haha you just gotta love some people’s fascinations with HT dontya!? haha 😉 The poor lad only has a Total Team TSI of just a tick over 38,000, but don’t let that fool you.. he has a whitty way of playing HT and seems a tactically sound Manager! and he has only been around the game a short while… :)

We went into this game by far the favourite as you would expect! We were the Home Team after I sent out a massive number of Fed-wide Challenges, with keeping in mind the various International Flags on offer.. and the first to accept the challenge was Malcolm_… infact it only took a few minutes after challenges were sent and bingo! A match was born!

Match orders had been set all week, with just some slight tinkering done during the build up with injuries etc in mind… We did plenty of enemy scouting during the week, and had decided to utilise a 5-3-2 formation of which we had Formidable Experience in, but thankfully after today’s game it is now at Outstanding! We had even purchased a new player the day before so he got slotted straight into the starting lineup for the occasion, his name was Guincho from Portugal, a new future Coach, with current Solid Experience, Solid Leadership, and some very very handy skills to use over the coming seasons.. The bigger bonus was the Head Spec! Great for my Long Shots regime!

But unfortunately with his arrival, a player or 2 has to go… and 1 of those chosen players is Tavori, who coincidentilly played along side Guincho today, as a hello/farewell pairing.. Tavori is almost the same as Guincho in all aspects… except 1… and that was the Head Spec! The good thing is that Tavori has already been bid on, so will be leaving in 24 hrs! and boy…. did he leave with a BANG! Scoring a Hattrick in his last game for the Club! And in style too, well before half time had even been whistled! :) So fingers crossed that bumps up his transfer price a tad! haha He also scored 6 Stars which also is a personal best for him… and he was subbed off midway through the second half with a massive standing ovation from the adoring fans who had turned up this fine sunny Melbourne Day! He couldn’t stop himself from smiling and shaking everyone’s hands as he sat down on the bench.. he has been a much loved player at our Club and will be sorely missed..

The Play Creatively tactic was used by us today too, something we very rarely use, but will be much more often as time moves forward now with many of our squad having Specs these days it will help with this tactic, especially against the lower ranked teams.. with EVil INC having such a massive defence and no real attack to speak of, I WozzaNoski am looking for anyway possible to give my team an edge! Another interesting fact was that the player who came in to replace Tavori was infact Tikolo… another future Coach who we have been pumping Experience into over the last few seasons, successfully I might add… and he too is now Transfer Listed, to depart the same day as Tavori, but as yet hasn’t been bid on so feel free to scout my teams players for sale department if you need a Coach and handy player of your own! Tikolo graced the field in his usual way, even scoring the final goal and nail into the Malcolm Mania coffin!

A modest 240 hatstats was totalled up on this occasion, with a bulk of that seen in defence! Not a bad effort that with a bunch of old hack Coaches and some Defence Trainees on the Park! 😉

So to conclude… I would like to mention a couple of things…
Firstly… a massive thanks goes to the HTUM Fed for allowing me and my Team to join you all fine people, and also to play against you from time to time in the Golden League! Many enjoyable battles will be had and already I am receiving many friendly requests well in advance of the scheduled dates haha so prepare to be beaten in the fields of battle!
Secondly… a big thanks goes to Malcolm_ and his Mania Men for the game today, no injuries were received on my behalf, I can’t say the same for you but I apoligise for that 😉 haha and I am sure we will play against each other at some stage later ths season!
and Thirdly… manager ‘leebebbs’ for spending so many thankless and free of charge hours working in the feds forums and on the relevant blogs and websites to keep us all upto date with the now famous Golden League!

So may the spirit of Bob be with you and may the match engine be with us all!

WozzaNoski over and out! :)

21-03-2012 (5/36) Friendly (Cup Rules) EVIL INCORPORATED – Malcolm Mania [7-0] (Win)
28-03-2012 (6/36) Friendly (Cup Rules) EVIL INCORPORATED – Super Troopers FC [0-2] (Loss)
04-04-2012 (7/36) Friendly (Cup Rules) Rosemeadow Royals – EVIL INCORPORATED [0-1] (Win)

Updated on 12/4/2012