I want an OC NT U20’s Golden Generation!

The Oceanian Hattrick National Teams have been living in ‘Struggle-town’ for as long as I can remember… in-fact stats and history shows that it’s not just my memory… it’s in-fact Everyone’s memory!
The Oceanian Community is renowned Globally as 1 that is highly competitive, highly dedicated, but most of all.. highly social… and my opinion is.. it’s that last category that kills our HT National Teams…

The Oceanian Community is so ‘social’ that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be in it! Now that isn’t the world’s worst problem, as I for 1 throw my support behind many interesting and quality managers world wide.. but let’s face it… us Aussies and Kiwis/Pacific Islanders have been known to live life in a very relaxed state of mind.. bordering on ‘hammocking’ as 1 particular Federation like to call it…

Our managers are some of the best in the world, with many highly respected stats sites stating this fact in their world rankings.. and the top 3 divisions being arguably the most competitive on HT right now.. but the $64 million dollar question is… ‘Why doesn’t this reflect onto our national teams..?’ Why can’t some of these managers take charge of our NT Teams…?

Now some have given it a crack or 2 over the duration, some have run as a candidate during election times but been unsuccessful in getting the top Gig.. Some can even argue that a reason might be that we lack the total user-base that Nations like your Italy’s, Spain’s, Germany etc etc have with being able to scout the best prospects from almost the maximum number of YA’s… Some have even branded our HT team ID’s as ‘unlucky’… but for whatever reason.. the Oceanian Representative teams results have been ‘disastrous’, to use a HT term…

Now don’t get me wrong… some of those reasons above have some merit… and they’ve even been mentioned in the forums by the very managers whom I throw my support behind… but… in a game where we have obviously been struggling using the usual ‘run of the wind’ tactics for team selection, and on-field tactics.. we simply haven’t been getting any positive results… and in all honesty, if we continue to cruise down the same street with same mentality then we are simply always doomed for failure in this regard.. So we have no-one to blame but ourselves..

So… how do we change all of that and help give Oceania the absolute best possible chance of winning matches and turning those wins into Qualification to World Cups and dare we say… Winning medals…?!

Well… the answer is something we have already seen tried in the past by other similar sized nations, some even smaller than ours.. have done it and done it well..

I speak of a ‘Golden Generation…!’

Shock horror, I sense all of you suddenly fall off your chairs and get up with rage and clenched fists!…

Now I realize the term ‘Golden Generation’ is a dirty term, and 1 that only ‘desperado’s’ use..

But please read on..

If we gave this scenario a ‘Genuine’ shot… now I’m not talking some ‘half-arsed, piss weak effort’, where the Community are always so negative and sooking about their players not getting NT caps because they were born on the wrong date etc etc.. If it was pre-planned, with complete control and cohesion between the 2 respective NT managers and with full support from the community and some trustworthy managers helping to bring a potential squad together from start to finish then a positive outcome can be achieved…

So what I propose is this…

For this exercise.. I’m targeting winning every game and finishing the Round 1 Qualification phase as top seed… 😉

Find a generation of 17 year old’s who fit the right descriptions with regard to specialities, primary skills, secondary skills, and with any luck some decent leadership, but not forgetting the role the various players’ managers play in training-up these players from start to finish but also the money involved in changing hands between the different training types and also the time involved at club level, making sure selected players get 100% training intensity, the correct stamina levels, and of course maximum experience opportunities on game days.. and fingers crossed many are within a small age bracket so that as many as possible can be available for a potential World Cup Final..

We here in Oceania have been using a very detailed and easy to understand spreadsheet of players throughout each season, I for 1 love the layout provided.. and believe it should stay long term..

Once we agree that a particular batch of 17 year old’s fit the bill then BINGO… the time is then… to do a GG and to do it with full steam ahead and not even flinch once about if it’s the right thing to do… just do it!

You then check with the NT senior manager and say.. ‘Dude.. it’s time to throw this batch of, say for arguments sake, 16 x 17.007 year old’s into the just beginning, NT Seniors Qualification Round 1 section which provide 14 full international games which means fantastic experience gained for these players’, as well as their regular club weekly training reports and stamina pops.. Now obviously by doing that it means that this particular NT Seniors campaign is completely null and void… but in doing a dedicated National GG this always happens anyway.. So once that first season is complete you should have 16 x 17.100 year old players who have max experience and improving skill levels.. at this early stage form and stamina arn’t overly important but still being glanced over and monitored between NT managers and players’ club manager…

It’s time to then switch those 16 core players over to the NT U-20’s team for another 14 matches of Qualification, but keeping in mind that this is still not the target season for winning max points… it’s simply more experience to be gained and a slight increase on the stamina share at club level.. so again I say 14 full international Qualification matches where at the end you then have 16 players around the 18.100 years old bracket with even more valuable experience and improved skill levels of primary skill and during club off-seasons a bit of either passing and or set pieces training… already you have players with a massive experience advantage over many if not all of the biggest user-based nations in HT.. plus ideally trained/skilled players to full-fill roles when the time is right.. but again this campaign is still a bit of a right off as these players still arn’t able to compete for the top 2-4 spots on the table… but you may see an improvement from last to maybe 5th of 6th which can marginally assist with a potentially better seeding at the next Qualification season..

So we now move onto the next phase.. which is switching that same core group of 16 players back over to the NT Seniors 14 match Qualification season… for once again .. more experience, and of course training.. but the most important part here is that the club manager really starts to ramp up the stamina share so that his player has max stamina in readiness for the ideal Season.. but again this season provides another 14 games of max experience points which puts us massively ahead in match day player experience as let’s face it… there are many matches world wide everyday on HT that can be decided by a positive or negative player experience event! So all this is really pumping us up in these areas to gain an advantage over our much bigger and more fancied opponents.. Now also not forgetting that the current U20’s manager really needs to be ‘on the ball’ with regards to formation experience levels in readiness for that very next season which is our target season!
At the end of this phase we have 16 core players again with max experience levels for their age, perfectly trained skill levels depending on injuries along the way of course… and an improved stamina level, which should be around the solid – excellent by now…

So here goes, we are ready… our target season has arrived… players and managers combined are pumped, and ready to put on a great show for the masses watching on HT-Live and reading in the forums.. it’s time to switch those 16 core players back into the U20’s NT Team.. for the upcoming Round 1 Qualification season.. all these players will start the season at around the 19.100 – 20.007 age range.. with massive experience levels, fantastic stamina levels and fingers crossed, some decent form.. and ready to churn-out any which formation the manager chooses on the day! The U20’s manager should then have organized pre-season with 3 Oceanian community managers where we can have 3 fresh Solid leadership coaches converted and available.. (Neutral, Attacking and Defensive)… prior to that 1st competitive game! So we’ve got those core 16 players in the squad, plus our 3 over-aged Coaches… and then the rest of the squad can be a mix of squad fillers, meaning similar aged players and or players who could use a game or 2 in readiness for that next Season’s World Cup proper! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… just yet anyways… haha .. We then start Round 1 of the Qualies and we chalk up an awesome 3-5-2 PIC 5-0 Win! So we start with perfect confidence and perfect team spirit.. and the forums are a-buzz!

And this scenario continues throughout the season’s Qualification campaign with a mix of formations and a mix of Normal’s, PIC’s and maybe a MOTS thrown in for good measure just to ram home those opportunities for top spot on the table and max seeding for the World Cup next season! The Oceanian forums are going crazy with posts congratulating all the coaches, all the players taking part in the regime, the players’ managers are happy because their players have huge money values on the transfer market due to massive experience from constant NT caps and perfect training of their skills.. The international forums are a buzz with posts claiming Oceania to be the next ‘NT Super-Power’ and also this particular batch of core players can then be nurtured into the main NT Seniors team to gain more experience and training so that this same scenario can happen at the Senior World Cup Qualies and World Cup proper! and the HT world as we know it is forever dominated by Oceania…! the way it should be!! :)

Anyways guys… for those of you who kindly kept reading past paragraph 3 all the way to now I say a massive thanks and I hope you enjoyed the read and it opened your eyes to what could happen if Oceania or any other small – midsized HT nation got off its collective lazy butts and tried to win matches and possibly medals!

Cheers again… from Woz.

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