Watch Out, EVIL INC are on the Rise!

Many moons ago a wise person once told me that a picture tells a 1000 words…

And this picture below does just that!

Don't get in our way during our rise...

Don’t get in our way during our rise…

As many of you will know the above website is a trusted and well used Hattrick offsite to determine a teams strength over time..

I login to this weekly just to see what has changed down at EVIL INC since the last training and form updates.. and as you all can see much has changed and it’s changing quite rapidly!

Having 10 players (Top Class Trainees) all around the 21 year old age group and training them all together is certainly helping this sudden rise and allows me to watch them all grow and become legends down at EVIL INC..

I orginally had 1 gun YA player that I promoted, of which then I sold up what I had and bought 5 new trainees that would link well with my own YA promotee, and thankfully I also bought all Oceanian players which helps to keep the wages down, so these 6 got trained in Playmaking until they hit Magnificent – World Class. I then bought another 4 trainees all at the same age group as the orginal 6, all with various skills similar to the main 6.. and have now switched to Short Passing training which has benefited everyone in the club, even the crappy fill-in Midweek players 😉 It really is amazing just how much of an effect Passing training has on players and on team ratings.. to actually have some attack ratings is something EVIL INC arn’t known for at all, so it’s been a nice change..

We plan to continue Short Passing Training for the rest of this season, then week 16 we will switch over to Defence Training, of which really should make that TSI/Wages ratio go bananas!
The end goal is to create a really flexible team that can Counter Attack against some of the giant teams, use the Pressing tactic against teams I know I will lose against, and then down the track a bit use the Long Shots tactic once the defence training is done and we eventually switch to Set Pieces Training..

So.. these players are only 21 years old now… let’s hope they all stay with the club until they all retire, and who knows… just maybe we might win some trophies during that time, heck we’ve already Won 2 trophies and promotions back to back, I doubt we’ll win the title this season, but the next season could be on the cards….

EVIL INC in Oceanian DIV III, that’s unheard of!

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