Record Breaking Season

It’s official… History has been made down at the Somerville Super Stadium, home of the Mighty EVIL INCORPORATED!

We started our Hattrick history back in Season 25 as a club named ‘Woz’s Terrorists’.. in Oceanian Series VI.79… and boy.. what a time we’ve had battling it out in the lower divisions of Oceania.. and a few club name changes later…

4 seasons were spent splashing in the puddles of Division VI, then 3 seasons swimming in the shallows of Division V, then a brief stint up in Division IV for 2 seasons, then falling back down to Division V for a lengthy rebuild that lasted 9 seasons, and again dropping back to the duldrums of Division VI for a singular season…

And then came the rise.. and a rapid rise it has been.. considering that aforementioned history…

From season 43 in Division VI.. we have since piled-on the wins, and what comes with wins you ask..? Titles! Yep that’s what… and a bloody heap of ’em..

Season 44 we did the double and won that in Division V..
Season 45 we came 3rd in Division IV..
Season 46 we won the Division IV title and promoted..
Season 47 we came 6th in our 1st ‘crack’ at Division III with a league filled with gun managers and teams.. and unfortunately were relagated back down to Division IV..
Season 48 we won the Division IV title in a ‘canter’! Promoting again obviously..
Season 49 we came 2nd in our Division III, in what was a ‘steadier’ season..


and that leads us to now… Season 50.. in Oceania..


EVIL INC not only reached our best ever outcome in the National Cup, finishing in the 8th Round..
But we now comfortably sit top of our Division III with plenty of room to spare for autopromotion up to the lofty heights of Division II..


And as you can see.. from the above pics supplied.. we have room to spare when considering the other Oceanian Division III teams trying to auto-promote with us.. Plus we have an easy to win match coming this weekend (Sunday) against the team in 7th.. a team called the ‘rottnest island quokkas’ who are an old team here in Oceania and their manager is on a pretty big rebuild of their own right now, and who looks to accumulating some cash too from the constant transfer activity in and out of their team.. so let’s just assume we’ll win that by 5+..

Just a really great time to be following the Mighty EVIL INC at the moment..
It really has taken good ol’ WozzaNoski far too long to figure this game out and climb to the upper echelons of Oceanian Hattrick Community!
And let us hope that it wont be a short stay up in the ‘nose-bleed’ Divisions.
It’s about time WozzaNoski and our EVIL INC started to be taken seriously in Oceania and the World..

Thanks for taking the time to read our news.

Kind Regards..


About WozzaNoski

I'm just a simple guy in my mid 30's trying to make my way in life, constantly battling against the tide of 2 mortgages, bills, car costs, grocery costs and just anything else that involves damn money! haha but most important of all.. is that I'm the proud Father to the happy, healthy and gorgeous toddler named Alexis, and I'm also the loving Fiance of the amazing Pauline.. But I love hanging out with the boys, playing and watching most sports, doing the whole family thing... As For Hattrick... WozzaNoski began his Hattrick Career back in November 2008 (Season 25) under the username of "biggwozz" after weekly niggles from close friends + Poker Mates (leeny63 + SlyTel) who Introduced him to the Game we all love! 1 thing to note is.. where-ever WozzaNoski goes, Controversy Always Follows!