Championship Day!

As dark clouds roll into the area surrounding the mighty Somerville Super Stadium, on this gloomy Spring Melbourne day.. it will not dampen the spirits of ‘The Brain Washed’ (our home crowd) on what is a truly momentous day for everyone involved with EVIL INCORPORATED..

And it’s fitting that we end such a great and successful season at home where we will be presented with the III.2 Series Champions Trophy.. Our 1st Oceanian Division III silverware, that will look glorious in full view in the ‘Victory Cabinet’ that is on display outside the main gate of our mighty Victorian battlefield.. the S.S.S…

trophyFrom us in Senior Management at EVIL INC we look forward to sharing the day and all its festivities that are planned with our adoring fans, paid-up members, players’ families and friends and of course our corporate sponsors whose hard earned dollars and support have really helped proppel this club up the rankings of Oceania in Hattrick.

Our day starts off with a $1000 / per head Corporate Sponsor breakfast gathering down at the Somerville Mechanics Hall… which is just a short walk down the street from our S.S.S.. This is a chance for players and their immediate family members to relax and mingle on game morning with the people and companies whose dollars have given not only the S.S.S its vibrant new look but also upgraded training facilities that are so needed in this time of proffessionalism.. we feel these new world class facilities have provided us with the tools to encourage the worlds best players to want to come and play for our great club, but to also help them get even better as players and as valued members of the community.. This event was sold out well over 2 weeks ago, with a great many people and companies not yet affiliated with us desperately wanting a seat..

somerville_hallAfter this our players will head back to the S.S.S for a brief run on the playing surface to help them get used to today’s weather and pitch conditions, anything to help blow-out some of those nerves which will no doubt be lingering .. and then back into the change rooms where our kit managers will have everything prepared, players can continue to encourage each other and really begin to soak-in the atmosphere and noise as the fans begin to make their way through the local streets singing our clubs chants in strong voice.. all the local Pubs and watering-holes will be full of colour (navy blue and white).. Days like today really do provide not only the town itself but the businesses in it the chance to really thrive.. and be a hive of activity..

Then at Midday local time we kick off the match at the Somerville Super Stadium against the ‘rottnest island quokkas’ who have travelled accross from interstate (South Australia), we are expecting a comfortable victory today against a severley understrength and rebuilding ‘quokkas’ which will really help complete the season..

Upon completion of the match there will be a Trophy Presentation put on by the Oceanian Football Association, our players will lift the trophy with pride, pose for photographs for the swarms of local print and digital media.. do a lap of honor around the S.S.S so that our fans can continue to soak it all up… and then  we can’t forget a new initiative has been put in place for this event, our players post match once changed and freshened-up will then board a large open-top bus and be taken down and through our local streets of Somerville with banners and trophy aloft so that the fans who couldn’t secure tickets to the last home game can sample the clubs success and festivities..

paradeWe again as Senior Management are really pleased with how the day will be structured so that everyone who loves EVIL INC can feel part of the club and its successes here now and into the future..


Cheers and Kind Regards..

EVIL INC Media Manager..

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