Gunning For Glory!

Oceanian Mafia Mobster WozzaNoski has come out swinging recently by laying-down the gauntlet to his fellow HTUM Fed (Hattrick United Managers Federation) members with some really juicey match fixtures coming up during this Hattrick Off-Season..



EVIL INCORPORATED are currently taking part in the 31st version of the HTUM Challenge Trophy Tournament, which we are a genuine title chance with some big teams missing from action in this edition..

“must be running scared of our Mighty EVIL INC”

As WozzaNoski was heard sniggering to himself off to the otherside of the room here at EVIL INC HQ..

Our Senior Management down at EVIL INC would like to thank manager ‘ballinho’ from FC Prague Slivers for the invite to this most respected Tournament, a Tournament that many world-wide gun managers have won in the past.. Unfortunately our manager WozzaNoski has not added this trophy to the EVIL INC Victory Cabinet as yet but we are sure he plans to rectify this situation at the completion of this Tournament..

So far 1 match has been completed in the initial Group Stage, and that came against little known manager ‘irtap’ from the club ‘cristea’ whom are located in Division IV over in Italy, which is a pretty decent effort considering at last check Italy had 10 HT Divisions from memory.. Unfortunately this match ended in a 2-2 draw with both teams being very similar in ratings output, WozzaNoski will want to put this lame result behind him and re-focus on the next fixture..

Up next is ‘Rustyjack’ whom manages a Scottish club by the name of Polomint, this mob is hovering down in Division IV in Scotland which we find mind-boggling as we have always found Rusty to be of a quality nature.. someone who really could and should be up in the higher levels of HT by now… especially in such a fellow small HT nation as Scotland is… We as Senior Management feel the local betting agencies would have us as a clear favourite to take this match and see us in a good position to progress from the group in readiness for the Playoffs..

The 3rd and last match of the Group Stage is against FC Runenberg who are managed by Chief_Roger who is a manager with a wealth of experience and doing his best to survive the competitiveness of the Swiss Hattrick levels.. and 1 must not forget that he is of most importance in the HTUM FED, with providing us with all the past and current details of the famous Golden League. And again the local betting agencies would have us EVIL INC as a slight favourite to take out this match.

We really are proud with how our own club has progressed recently but are also excited with what the future may hold for us..
Fingers Crossed it’s many more Trophies to help fill-up the Victory Cabinet down at the S.S.S…

We also must not forget that during these Hattrick Off-Seasons is the chance to further compete against other fellow HTUM FED managers.. in the form of mid-week and weekend friendly matches, and again today we are currently up against manager ‘Rustyjack’ from Scotland and his Oceanian Platinum team called ‘Cabuie’.. a team that is growing rapidly and is commanding respect in not only the HTUM FED Golden League, but also in the HT levels of Oceania, a team that will be hard to beat, especially since friendlies are a chance for our EVIL INC manager WozzaNoski to roll-out some of the older players and or 2nd choice players for much needed game time.

And last but not least is another mention of a friendly match against HTUM FED member manager Brin_Chaser and his Bellevue Barage, a team that surprisingly is being relegated back down to Division IV in Oceania.. but on paper and also stats-wise are significantly stronger than our mighty EVIL INC.. they are much younger, better specs on players and can produce far superior match day ratings than our bunch of old farts.. just lucky for us there is nothing but bragging rights on the line in this match up… 😉

So all in all it’s going to be busy Off-Season period for manager WozzaNoski and our lads from EVIL INC..
Be sure to check our news-feeds daily for more potential updates from our Mighty EVIL INCORPORATED.

Kind Regards..
EVIL INC Media Manager.

About WozzaNoski

I'm just a simple guy in my mid 30's trying to make my way in life, constantly battling against the tide of 2 mortgages, bills, car costs, grocery costs and just anything else that involves damn money! haha but most important of all.. is that I'm the proud Father to the happy, healthy and gorgeous toddler named Alexis, and I'm also the loving Fiance of the amazing Pauline.. But I love hanging out with the boys, playing and watching most sports, doing the whole family thing... As For Hattrick... WozzaNoski began his Hattrick Career back in November 2008 (Season 25) under the username of "biggwozz" after weekly niggles from close friends + Poker Mates (leeny63 + SlyTel) who Introduced him to the Game we all love! 1 thing to note is.. where-ever WozzaNoski goes, Controversy Always Follows!