WozzaNoski : Oceanian U20 NT Election Candidate!


You heard it here 1st!

News has just come to hand down here at EVIL INCORPORATED HQ!


Many quick and heated phone-calls and text messages have been ‘zinging’ around the various board members of EVIL INC on this balmy spring Melbourne evening.. and it’s fair to say that all of our fellow senior management were quite un-aware of such an outcome..

Our current and much loved Team General Manager WozzaNoski has put his managerial hat in the ring for the Oceanian U-20 NT gig..
And with this election speech as can be seen here..


We are shocked at the timing of this, as we believe that any HT NT gig is a fulltime job which requires a managers fullest of attention.. not only on the team itself, but as a wider role involved in the community, on the public forums, also in private NT based federations and of course the currently used way for Oceanians to communicate about their NT’s.. (Slack Channel)..

We’d like to mention that it was to our belief that WozzaNoski has never ever even begun to use (Slack Channel)…
So while we have always known him to be a very keen follower of Oceania’s NT teams, and he’s always been pro-active with logging into Oceania’s NT scouting portal to check on local talent, this decision still comes as a massive shock.. and it’s also very last minute too.. with the election more than half way through..

More importantly though.. is how will this potential election outcome affect his abilities to manage our great club.. EVIL INC!?

It’s fair to say that an immediate board meeting will take place down in the conference rooms of the Somerville Super Stadium, of which this news will be discussed at length, and I’m sure WozzaNoski himself will want to make it clear where he stands.. on many matters..

Even myself as EVIL INC Media Manager find this decision mind-boggling.. the timing coinciding with EVIL INC’s 1st ever venture into Oceania’s Division II.. a Season of most importance, further respect needs to be achieved at club level before 1 can assume such a significant role I surely would have thought..?!

We will see how this all progresses over these next 3 days..

Kind Regards..

About WozzaNoski

I'm just a simple guy in my mid 30's trying to make my way in life, constantly battling against the tide of 2 mortgages, bills, car costs, grocery costs and just anything else that involves damn money! haha but most important of all.. is that I'm the proud Father to the happy, healthy and gorgeous toddler named Alexis, and I'm also the loving Fiance of the amazing Pauline.. But I love hanging out with the boys, playing and watching most sports, doing the whole family thing... As For Hattrick... WozzaNoski began his Hattrick Career back in November 2008 (Season 25) under the username of "biggwozz" after weekly niggles from close friends + Poker Mates (leeny63 + SlyTel) who Introduced him to the Game we all love Hattrick.org! 1 thing to note is.. where-ever WozzaNoski goes, Controversy Always Follows!