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WozzaNoski : Oceanian U20 NT Election Candidate!


You heard it here 1st!

News has just come to hand down here at EVIL INCORPORATED HQ!


Many quick and heated phone-calls and text messages have been ‘zinging’ around the various board members of EVIL INC on this balmy spring Melbourne evening.. and it’s fair to say that all of our fellow senior management were quite un-aware of such an outcome..

Our current and much loved Team General Manager WozzaNoski has put his managerial hat in the ring for the Oceanian U-20 NT gig..
And with this election speech as can be seen here..


We are shocked at the timing of this, as we believe that any HT NT gig is a fulltime job which requires a managers fullest of attention.. not only on the team itself, but as a wider role involved in the community, on the public forums, also in private NT based federations and of course the currently used way for Oceanians to communicate about their NT’s.. (Slack Channel)..

We’d like to mention that it was to our belief that WozzaNoski has never ever even begun to use (Slack Channel)…
So while we have always known him to be a very keen follower of Oceania’s NT teams, and he’s always been pro-active with logging into Oceania’s NT scouting portal to check on local talent, this decision still comes as a massive shock.. and it’s also very last minute too.. with the election more than half way through..

More importantly though.. is how will this potential election outcome affect his abilities to manage our great club.. EVIL INC!?

It’s fair to say that an immediate board meeting will take place down in the conference rooms of the Somerville Super Stadium, of which this news will be discussed at length, and I’m sure WozzaNoski himself will want to make it clear where he stands.. on many matters..

Even myself as EVIL INC Media Manager find this decision mind-boggling.. the timing coinciding with EVIL INC’s 1st ever venture into Oceania’s Division II.. a Season of most importance, further respect needs to be achieved at club level before 1 can assume such a significant role I surely would have thought..?!

We will see how this all progresses over these next 3 days..

Kind Regards..


P.I.C’ing a Winner!

uh-hum…. don’t mind me while I clear out my nose…. 😉
rightio… that’s better…

To start off with… I assume Everyone reading this know’s all about the term ‘P.I.C’?!
Meaning – Play it Cool! Well this is the $64 Million Question… Can a Team be strong enough tactically, and talent wise over his or her opponents to progress through an entire League Series Season ‘Playing it Cool’ and Win the Title!?

Well if it is infact possible.. then I plan to give it a try with my EVIL Inc. squad!
I honestly feel my team should have Won the League Title at the end of last season, but admittedly me as a Manager screwed it up big-time and we began our Camp with a tent firmly pitched into the ground!
My squad is quite clearly the best in our League… (don’t get me wrong.. the other Managers are doing well enough and are on the right track…), but filtering through each of their players compared to mine there does seem to be a large gap, of quality and potential talent between us all…
I want to Win, but I also want to make sure that EVIL Inc. is ready to promote back up to Div IV in the best possible shape.. I as a Manager need to know that my potential promotion was thoroughly deserved and by doing this it will tick that box!

Some goals that I have for the Season ahead in no particular order are as follows…

Small Stadium Expansion – Currently at 50,000… we are aiming for between 52,000 – 62,000..
The purchase of a new Keeper to keep our current 1 honest.. (an early injury and we are buggered!)
The transition of some current EXP Trainee Coaches out and new 1’s in.. (looking for specific [spec] areas/increases)..
Keep the Fan Memberships increasing..
Continue training Defence and Set Pieces on my 10 youngest players.. with a huge chunk of those reaching the mid-high Supernatural skill level in Defence..
Reach a Defence Hatstats rating of the max of 240 = Devine very high for each 3 defence areas..
Reach Round 5 of the Oceanian National Midweek Cup!
Reach Knock-out stages of SEN 1116 Fans Fed Pride Cup!
Begin our quest in the HTUM Golden League by venturing overseas for Friendlies, while having an un-beaten record in those..
Get all four 5-x-x Formations at Formidable Experience or better and maintain those levels in readiness for the following season..
Get the average player Stamina Level back up to Passable very high by the last week of the Season…
Give 2 more players Nicknames.. via the HT-Gears / Credits feature..
Promote Lachlan Aporo from the YA, and sell him for a small fortune!
Play in as many community based tipping comps as possible..
To achieve the highest levels in both player confidence and team spirit..

And I think that’s about it for things to try and achieve by Week 16…
It should be great fun though, navigating my way through the Season trying to stay a Winner in every game we play in!

We will reasses how things are going mid season and then do a thorough review at seasons end to se how much was accomplished…

Not only will we be focused on our own Club but we will have our eyes on as always on many other clubs with their campiagns as many different managers support me and my team and I support many of them in return! So to all of these people I say thanks and goodluck for the season ahead!

Cheers from Woz. :)