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Championship Day!

As dark clouds roll into the area surrounding the mighty Somerville Super Stadium, on this gloomy Spring Melbourne day.. it will not dampen the spirits of ‘The Brain Washed’ (our home crowd) on what is a truly momentous day for everyone involved with EVIL INCORPORATED..

And it’s fitting that we end such a great and successful season at home where we will be presented with the III.2 Series Champions Trophy.. Our 1st Oceanian Division III silverware, that will look glorious in full view in the ‘Victory Cabinet’ that is on display outside the main gate of our mighty Victorian battlefield.. the S.S.S…

trophyFrom us in Senior Management at EVIL INC we look forward to sharing the day and all its festivities that are planned with our adoring fans, paid-up members, players’ families and friends and of course our corporate sponsors whose hard earned dollars and support have really helped proppel this club up the rankings of Oceania in Hattrick.

Our day starts off with a $1000 / per head Corporate Sponsor breakfast gathering down at the Somerville Mechanics Hall… which is just a short walk down the street from our S.S.S.. This is a chance for players and their immediate family members to relax and mingle on game morning with the people and companies whose dollars have given not only the S.S.S its vibrant new look but also upgraded training facilities that are so needed in this time of proffessionalism.. we feel these new world class facilities have provided us with the tools to encourage the worlds best players to want to come and play for our great club, but to also help them get even better as players and as valued members of the community.. This event was sold out well over 2 weeks ago, with a great many people and companies not yet affiliated with us desperately wanting a seat..

somerville_hallAfter this our players will head back to the S.S.S for a brief run on the playing surface to help them get used to today’s weather and pitch conditions, anything to help blow-out some of those nerves which will no doubt be lingering .. and then back into the change rooms where our kit managers will have everything prepared, players can continue to encourage each other and really begin to soak-in the atmosphere and noise as the fans begin to make their way through the local streets singing our clubs chants in strong voice.. all the local Pubs and watering-holes will be full of colour (navy blue and white).. Days like today really do provide not only the town itself but the businesses in it the chance to really thrive.. and be a hive of activity..

Then at Midday local time we kick off the match at the Somerville Super Stadium against the ‘rottnest island quokkas’ who have travelled accross from interstate (South Australia), we are expecting a comfortable victory today against a severley understrength and rebuilding ‘quokkas’ which will really help complete the season..

Upon completion of the match there will be a Trophy Presentation put on by the Oceanian Football Association, our players will lift the trophy with pride, pose for photographs for the swarms of local print and digital media.. do a lap of honor around the S.S.S so that our fans can continue to soak it all up… and then  we can’t forget a new initiative has been put in place for this event, our players post match once changed and freshened-up will then board a large open-top bus and be taken down and through our local streets of Somerville with banners and trophy aloft so that the fans who couldn’t secure tickets to the last home game can sample the clubs success and festivities..

paradeWe again as Senior Management are really pleased with how the day will be structured so that everyone who loves EVIL INC can feel part of the club and its successes here now and into the future..


Cheers and Kind Regards..

EVIL INC Media Manager..


There, or thereabouts…

So it’s 9 Match Days into the current Oceanian HT Season and my Mighty EVIL INC. are sitting in 3rd spot on the IV.19 Series Table..


Where will we finish?

Where will we finish?


When we first got promoted into this series it seemed pretty tough on paper with many of these clubs on similar paths and all at equal strengths, except for maybe Followers of Red John who are a HT Platinum team probably punching above their weight here in Div IV..

If any at all it seemed Dragonborn United was the most likely to win the Series and this seems to be coming to fruition thus far with them being 6 points clear at the top.. but even they would say it’s been a tough series to get ahead in with them dropping points at crucial stages of the season..

But let’s get back to my EVIL INC… I ranked my squad prior to Round 1 at about 6th overall, but knowing my training plan, my high stamina share, and (touch wood) my high solid form accross all the main players, I had a strong feeling that as the season progressed we could ruffle some feathers and push for a top 4 birth on the table, and thus far even this is going well, and probably better than expected as we have spent some weeks in 2nd spot. I think the main positive about this season so far is the growth of EVIL INC, and the predictability of all these other opponents.. Week in week out they all play with the same players in the same spots with the same tactics which makes my job as an opposing manager quite easy in picking their weak spots to attack at and maximising our own new strengths to gain points from matches where we may have lost instead of drawing or winning.

We have seen a couple of mini sell-ups from Ravens F.C and sigh-hat, with also many transfer listed players from sharks99 and Pacific Penguins which has also given me insight as to how their managers have been training players and the possible skills of players around them on the parks each week.

Just looking at the upcoming matches for today’s Round 10..

Pacific Penguins vs Hop Eaters could go either way with Hop Eaters having some unlucky results this season. EVIL INC vs sigh-hat should be a narrow win for us but again it’s not a certain result as our opposing manager would be dissappointed with their season to date. Ravens F.C vs sharks99 is now a tight match with the sell-up of players recently from Ravens F.C. And lastly Dragonborn United should crush Followers of Red John. So in theory the table wont change much this week but with it all still being very even it has made it a very entertaining season and a great way to get back into Div IV after a long hiatus down in Div’s V and VI, and challenging myself as a manager against many fellow human managers week in week out has been a lot of fun.


The Schedule

The Schedule


The next 4 weeks of the season for us should be great to watch with all challenging matches and there is bound to be some Team Spirit used in the mini run home, if we can steal 3 points off the table leader Dragonborn United in 3 weeks time then the series title could be ours for the taking if those other 3 matches go positively for us aswell.. And who knows.. maybe even Dragonborn United might slip up on a banana skin or 2 along the way and provide us with an opportunity of not only winning the title but giving us a crack at an Oceanian Div III birth.

Fingers crossed it all goes well over these next few weeks.

Stay tuned for further updates and gossip from down at EVIL INC.

Cheers for reading,



Drums Attacking Noise Evil’y Pressed Away

The newly released Hattrick Tournaments…

How do people approach them in there early stages after being created?

Well… with my EVIL INC. and with regard to the Tourney that I have created just this week…

I plan to use these matches as more experimentation within my Club, with various Formations, particular Player Combinations, and more or less just to see how the current Training Regime is coming along! And by that last statement I mean my 10 current Defence Trainees… In the past 3 seasons during the 2 week off season I have used those matches to play all 10 of my defence trainees in the 1 match, with Set Pieces training in mind and to see what sort of complete defence ratings I can achieve with Hatstats totals in mind…

And I’m proud to say this training plan is coming along quite nicely indeed, albeit we’ve been struck down lately with Suspensions and Injuries, but that hasn’t stopped me (WozzaNoski) from putting out strong lineups in League, Cup, Tournaments and Friendlies.. and we will continue to do so!

But the whole reason for this Hattrick United Blog Post… is to ‘brag’… haha

I’ll start off by informing you all of my recent Tournament 1st Group Match against a fellow HT Manager from my City of Melbourne here in Australia, -wilson- of which I have had the pleasure of meeting in person just a couple of weeks ago now.. He is the Manager of an Oceanian Div III Team called Drumleagues United, who are currenty sitting in a very good position in their own League Series.. (3rd), they have been playing Hattrick 14 months longer than me, and seem much more knowledgable about the game than I.. also him and his team being up in III shows his total team TSI = almost double that of mine… Form, Stamina and player SPECS all seemed pretty close pre game…

So I had assumed, he being a PM/Passing Trainer would have his usual 5 players accross the middle and with nothing significant on the line other than bragging rights between us.. he would throw 3 forwards up front! So with that assumption in mind, my plan was to maximise my defence … and that meant putting all 10 trainees on the field, with a 5-5-0 Formation, also with the extra setting of everyone with defensive orders… Oh and don’t forget the Pressing Tactic! 😉
3 Subs orders were also programmed in late in the 2nd half, for stamina reasons..

and here below is the end ratings/score/tactics results..

Drumleagues United – 0 EVIL INCORPORATED – 0
Midfield excellent (very low) poor (high)
Right Defence formidable (low) mythical (very high)
Central Defence outstanding (low) divine (high)
Left Defence formidable (low) mythical (low)
Right Attack excellent (low) poor (high)
Central Attack inadequate (low) disastrous (high)
Left Attack formidable (very low) poor (very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence formidable (low) outstanding (high)
Attack solid (high) passable (very high)
Team Attitude
Tactic Normal Pressing
Tactic skill (no tactic) outstanding
Average midfield excellent (very low) poor (high)
Average defence formidable (high) magical (high)
Average attack solid (high) wretched (very high)
Total average excellent (high) excellent (low)
HatStats 274 269
HatStats Defence: 106
Midfield: 87
Attack: 81
Defence: 213
Midfield: 33
Attack: 23
LoddarStats 23.38 10.27

So yeah Guy’s… I am really happy with the first weeks game… and those defence ratings are HUGE! haha
I had realistically hoped for a draw, especially a 0-0 draw, and maybe even steal a 1-0 win via a SP or SE… but alwell…
I plan to use a different lineup next Monday… so watch this space!
Goodluck to everyone else in their respective Tournament games!

WozzaNoski over and out!


Punch-On’s at the Precinct Pub!

Wednesday March 15th was a momentous day in the world of hattrick!
It was the day when I WozzaNoski began a chain of thought regarding the newly released Hattrick Tournaments and what I can do to create or join a tournament of my own or from what others have created..

Some ideas that I had come up with while plugging away at work one day recently include…

[The Ashes…] a possible battle including a small group of Oceanian Teams Vs English Teams similar to that in International Cricket.. with me knowing a few top guys from the leagues of England it certainly would have been possible to organise..
[SEN 1116 Fans FED Grudge Cup] a possible Cup involving those guys whom I communicate regularly with in the SEN FED.. but I looked at many of the guys, and they had already joined Cups of their own..
[HTUM FED Cups…] a possible Cup involving those fellow writers from the Hattrick United Managers Fed, but with the Golden League up and running again now I figured I could give that a miss this time around…
[EVIL Supporters Cup…] a possible Cup involving those guys who currently support me and my team or even managers whom I support in return… but again many of those guys had signed up to Cups straight away after the release of hattrick Tournaments feature…
[FAF Fed Cup…] a possible Cup involving those guys from down in the Fiji and Friends Fed, there was a forum thread created at the announcement, but not much interest was there, so sadly that hasn’t eventuated as yet..

and lastly… and the one I have chosen to go with is…

[The Precinct Pub Punch-On Cup!] a Cup that I have created in honour of.. and to envite all the guys from hattrick that over the duration playing hattrick that I have met in person.. and or those guys who I would like to meet from the City of Melbourne someday soon! And the reason behind the Precinct Pub being named, was due to the fact that this great Pub (located in the suburb of Richmond) is where we always meet fellow hattrick players… and let’s face it.. there’s not many days when there isn’t some sort of scuffle and or arguments at a Pub now is there!? haha

So to start off with…

I would like to introduce to you all…
Edition 1 of The Precinct Pub Punch-On Cup!

Fully registered Entrants include…

Tooradin Heart FC, and manager agent13… from Div V.26
Quinn Kings, and manager frankafanhock… from Div V.88
aussie hammer, and manager intone… from Div V.197
I feel like chicken tonight, and manager branca_22, from Div V.180

all of the above are located in Group A of the intial group stage of the Cup!

Next up is.. Group B.. and they include…

Drumleagues United, and manager -wilson-, from Div III.1
FC HiHi, and manager hihi001, from Div V.70
Collingwood F.C, and manager HK005, from Div IV.40
EVIL INCORPORATED, and manager WozzaNoski, from Div V.123

so by the looks of it, a pretty strong group of teams and managers their for the first edition, and certainly something fun and interesting to chat about next time we catch up for a beer or 10 at the Precinct Pub!

Early favourites for each group would be..
Tooradin Heart FC and aussie hammer from Group A.
Drumleagues United and Collingwood F.C from Group B.

My EVIL INCORPORATED matches and following results are here too…

19-03-2012 06.38 (5/36) Tournament / Drumleagues United [0 – 0] EVIL INCORPORATED (Draw)
26-03-2012 06.38 (6/36) Tournament / EVIL INCORPORATED [0 – 1] Collingwood F.C (Loss)
02-04-2012 06.38 (7/36) Tournament / FC Hihi [0 – 5] EVIL INCORPORATED (Walkover Win)

So again guys… stay tuned here on WozzaNoski’s BlogSpot for further updates and match results from The Precinct Pub Punch-On Cup! 😉

Updated on 9/4/2012


WozzaNoski delighted with Attitude

Woz’s Fanatics manager WozzaNoski was impressed by his side’s attitude as they won 1-0 in Fremantle / Australia on Sunday Lunchtime.

The Fanatics responded well from a sluggish 1-0 loss at danboosters on the earlier wednesday game…

The run home will be eagerly awaited with every opponent being heavily scouted to make sure we give our boys the best possible chance of catching the Busso Dingoes who head the table.. but there is a new situation that has arisen… and that’s the commencement of the SEN 1116 Fans Fed Midweek Pride Cup! Round 1 of that was played this week, although thankfully the Fanatics had the bye, but will be in full swing later this week for their clash with Pcase United! We fancy our chances in this comp with last season finishing in the top 8.. with 30 top class teams in this season we expect a top 4 finish this time around!

Interesting times ahead for the Fanatics!