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( = The Old Old Site!


( = The Old Site!


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Last Updated on 26/2/2015.

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I'm just a simple guy in my mid 30's trying to make my way in life, constantly battling against the tide of 2 mortgages, bills, car costs, grocery costs and just anything else that involves damn money! haha but most important of all.. is that I'm the proud Father to the happy, healthy and gorgeous toddler named Alexis, and I'm also the loving Fiance of the amazing Pauline.. But I love hanging out with the boys, playing and watching most sports, doing the whole family thing... As For Hattrick... WozzaNoski began his Hattrick Career back in November 2008 (Season 25) under the username of "biggwozz" after weekly niggles from close friends + Poker Mates (leeny63 + SlyTel) who Introduced him to the Game we all love! 1 thing to note is.. where-ever WozzaNoski goes, Controversy Always Follows!